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Typically used for decorative purposes, veneer is usually a thin sheet of wood that can help to transform surfaces such as flooring...
LED tape is an incredibly simple but effective way to bring more light into your home...
A mortice lock is fitted inside the door itself and can be used on doors of different materials...

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93171910Door Co-ordinator Rubbing Plate£6.50
93195919Door Selector for Fire Doors£50.25
93197902Door Co-Ordinator£28.61
93210760Double Action Pivot Set£92.63
93210761Double Action Pivot Set£103.44
93837001Door Holder£55.54
94023300Door Co-ordinator, Stainless Steel£18.62
DF101ADorma Floor Pivot Bearing£29.79
DF101CDorma Door Pivot SetFrom £19.20
DF101DDorma Door Pivot BearingsFrom £30.40
DF101GDorma Door Closer£81.60
DF3000Briton Door Selector£46.00
DF843Spring Arm Door CloserFrom £3.94
DF845Priory Door Closer, ConcealedFrom £2.52
DF845EEclipse Door Closer, Concealed£2.58
DF868Perkomatic Door Closer, DoubleFrom £83.58
DF909Nelson Single Arm Door Closer£3.92
DFF123DConcealed Door Closer£2.83
DFF124ADoor SelectorFrom £12.88
DF845ADoor Closer, Concealed, RadiusFrom £1.50
DFF122ASurface Mounted Door CloserFrom £3.94
DFF123AConcealed Door CloserFrom £1.50
DF868ANu-Matic Door Closer, DoubleFrom £84.00
DFC515ADoor Closer, Adjustable Jamb Mount £98.56
DF869Perko Powermatic Door CloserFrom £232.53
DFC191AConcealed Chain Spring Door CloserFrom £5.46
DFC192AConcealed Chain Spring Door CloserFrom £3.65
94019100Concealed Overhead Door Closer£168.20
DF867APerkomatic Door CloserFrom £13.36
93124000FTS Concealed Jamb Door Closer From £376.20
93178010Soft Closing Mechanism for Doors From £43.38
97008000Bary Concealed Double Action Closer From £39.99
93114490Transom Overhead Door Closer TS430From £179.09
93153007Spring Arm Door Closer, AdjustableFrom £9.56
93182406Concealed Jamb Door CloserFrom £2.68
93183402Concealed Jamb Door CloserFrom £41.54
93184049Concealed Overhead Door CloserFrom £45.16
93190408Perkomatic Hydraulic Door CloserFrom £192.53
93190412Perko Concealed Jamb Door CloserFrom £18.94
93195900Door Selector, AluminiumFrom £30.82