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Hart Wholesale | Brackets & Shelving | Concealed Supports

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28330038Concealed Shelf Support, Steel£1.85
28333500Concealed Shelf Support, Steel£13.90
28333904Concealed Shelf Support, Steel£14.98
28333910Concealed Shelf Support, Steel£6.49
28339010Triade Shelf Support, Concealed£5.79
52162001Glass Shelf Support, Steel£9.53
28333920Tenti-7 Concealed Shelf Support £2.70
28333926Tenti-7 Shelf Support Upper Cover £0.16
28333927Tenti-7 Shelf Support Lower Cover £0.24
29021-0006Concealed Cabinet Hanger, Steel £102.52
BRCSSWF120Concealed Shelf BracketFrom £7.33
28333501Concealed Shelf Support, Steel £10.08
02024250Bracket for Triade Shelf SupportFrom £0.03
28332014Concealed Shelf Support, SteelFrom £3.50
28332032Concealed Shelf Support, SteelFrom £4.41
28332050Concealed Shelf Support, SteelFrom £5.81

If you happen to be looking for some invisible or concealed shelf supports for your shelving in your home, you are in the right place. We have some highly durable products available for different types and sizing.

Also available in this section is a concealed cabinet hanaging set to give your furniture units a much more aesthetic and appealing appearance.