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MF2010APicture WireFrom £12.43
MF2012AOval Link Chain, BrassFrom £18.03
MF2012FBall ChainFrom £28.80
MIS2204Chain and Bolt, BrassFrom £15.44
MIS2565Security Chain, Extra StrongFrom £23.58
MIS2565BSecurity Chain, Strong Case HardendFrom £17.31
TOO371ALuggage Bungey CordsFrom £3.36
TOO372ALuggage Strap, BS StandardFrom £1.09
MIS2567Pro-Grade Rope, Solid Braid£9.00
MF2014Wire Rope, 7x7£20.74
MF2014AWire Rope Grip£0.13
MF2014BWire Rope Thimble, Heart Shaped£0.22
MIS2565DSecurity Chain, Strong Case Hardend £72.00
TOO406AOlympia Bungee Cord £12.04
TOO407AOlympia Bungee Cord £6.02

We stock and supply several wholesale cords, chains and cables for various projects.

Our vast stock includes picture wire, chains for doors, oval link chains, wire rope, and several accessories such as grips and thimbles. In addition to this, we also offer specialist solutions for travelling such as luggage bungey cords and straps.