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Cornices   Back to Wood Mouldings

EDOCBLCornice Block Eden Raw OakFrom £64.56
MIS2260Cornice Oak Classic£13.20
MIS2260BCornice Beech Classic£12.50
MIS2260CACornice Cherry Classic£13.12
MIS2260MCornice Maple Classic£13.70
MIS2260MACornice Mahogony Classic£13.70
MIS2260MBCornice Maple Classic£13.70
MIS2260PACornice Pine Classic£12.50
MIS2260WHCornice Paint Grade Classic£7.65
MIS2262Cornice White Oak Modern AngleFrom £8.50
MIS2264Cornice Oak Castelated£18.16
MIS2264MCornice Maple Castelated£23.14
MIS2266Cornice White Modern Bullnose£8.50
MIS2266MCornice Maple Modern Bullnose£10.00
MIS2266OCornice Oak Modern Bullnose£11.00

Welcome to our wholesale wooden cornices section. Within this page, users will find modern and more traditional designs alike including bullnose, castelated and classic moulds. We offer several finishes including beech, oak, maple, mahogany and paint grade options. The various shaping and moulding offered by these products can really bring any room design to life. If you are interested in finding out more about a particular material or would just like to learn more about buying in bulk, simply click one of the images from the grid above.