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Hart Wholesale | Catches | Cupboard Catches

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CA717Turn ButtonFrom £15.36
CA720BRSurface Mount Cupboard Catch, SteelFrom £0.90
WFF130Throw Over CatchFrom £6.24
WFF131Door CatchFrom £7.31
WFF136Throw Over CatchFrom £2.53
37291470Push Catch for Drilled HoleFrom £2.57
25281202Window/Door Catch, BrassFrom £12.56
37291479Push Catch Screw-On Housing£1.01
HKC110CGravity Door Catch£9.44
CA700Pegline Catch, Plastic£14.40
CA701Peglock Catch, Plastic£8.43
CA720Surface Mounted Cupboard Catch£0.99
CA723Kiddy Catch, Plastic£5.60
CA726Plinth Clip of Panel Connector£32.00
CA733InnoTech EasyLock Card lock£13.86
CCF001AShowcase Catch £2.02
CCF005ATouch Catch £1.71
24570107Elbow Catch, Horizontal, Steel£2.80
24574000Brass Elbow Catch, Brass£2.27
25281700Cabinet Catch, Brass£58.89
25281100Cabinet Latch £9.79
55881000Child Safety Catch for Drawers £1.78

Our selection of cupboard catches will secure your cupboard doors in place when not in use.

These latches will come in handy in a variety of situations including keeping young children from getting their hands on dangerous things when you are not looking. They will also help prevent accidents from happening such as china plates or glasses smashing.

Whatever your requirements, our catches are high quality and are available in lots of different materials, sizes and finishes to cater for any kind of furniture unit.