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Professional tradesmen are generally aware that trying to save money by purchasing cheap tools is a false economy and it makes more sense to invest in good quality brands...
The kitchen is the heart of the home and design trends are always changing - so why not let Hart Wholesale help you get a handle on new kitchen trends? If you want to deliver an on-trend kitchen for your clients, then nothing updates cabinets faster than new handles...
As we move on from winter and into the warmer weather of spring, a feeling of freshness emanates the air...

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00070003Bosch R144D HCS Jigsaw Blade£6.00
00070009Bosch T334D HCS Jigsaw Blade£16.61
00070012Bosch T101AO HCS Jigsaw Blade£7.06
00070015Bosch T101BR HCS Jigsaw Blade£8.49
00070018Bosch T101B HCS Jigsaw Blade£7.71
00070048Bosch T118G HCS Jigsaw Blade£7.44
00070051Bosch T118A HCS Jigsaw Blade£7.44
00167749DBB Long Drill Adapter£18.53
00167751DBB Mortice Jig Upgrade Kit£60.42
00219190Guided Staff Bead, ؽInch Shaft£76.56
00219220Arbour, Standard Duty£11.23
00219224Arbour Bearing, ؼin Shaft£12.48
00047000Batavia MAD MAXX Multi Plunge Saw £139.50
00047010Batavia T-RAXX Plunge Saw £193.50
00047020Batavia T-RAXX Track Set £83.69
00047021Batavia T-RAXX Track Connectors £12.54
00047022Batavia T-RAXX Angle Guide £25.09
00049900Batavia MAD MAXX Saw Blade Set £48.81
00049910Batavia TCT Saw Blade £10.86
00049920Batavia HSS Saw Blade £9.75
00049930Batavia Diamond Saw Blade £12.54
00049940Batavia T-RAXX TCT Saw Blade £25.09
00164100Batavia TOUCH 12V Impact Driver £139.50
00807370Croc-Lock Compact Portable Clamp £111.59
00807380Batavia Multifunctional Work Bench £76.72
00219105Up-Cut Right Hand Spiral Router £50.98
00060200Makita 18V Jigsaw SetFrom £495.82
00219146Rebater Bearing RingFrom £6.19
00219195Panel Mould CutterFrom £58.55
00639522Makita 18V Auto Feed ScrewdriverFrom £596.86
00047-0001Batavia Intelligent Fast Charger £45.77
00047023Batavia T-RAXX Work Clamps £27.88
00049110Batavia Laser Attachment £31.50
00049143Splinteguard FS-SP 5000/T £26.15
00050784Vecturo OS 400 Oscillator Saw Blade £81.56
00050790Vecturo OS 400 Oscillator Saw Blade £65.69
00050798Vecturo OS 400 Oscillator Blade £54.00
00050799Vecturo OS 400 Oscillator Blade £20.31
00080740Festool Vecturo OS 400 Oscillator £520.89
00080741Vecturo OS 400 Positioning Aid £150.60
00080750Batavia Multitool 3000W £91.01
00080760Batavia Multitool Accessory Set £36.03
00080790Bosch Professional Multitool £411.31
00080820Batavia Sawhorse £72.73
00166650Batavia Multi Angle Screwdriver £68.73
00164900Batavia 12V Li-ion BatteryFrom £58.12
00219132Single Blade Router, ؽInch ShaftFrom £14.06
00219184Drawer Pull Cutter, ؽInch ShaftFrom £149.99
00219201Guided 90° Flush Trimmer,ؼIn ShaftFrom £7.59
00050786Vecturo OS 400 Oscillator Saw Blade£16.71
00050788Vecturo OS 400 Oscillator Saw Blade£18.18
00053012Makita Plunge Saw Set£435.07
00161835Makita SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill£269.57
00161842Makita Diamond Core+Hammer Drill£411.84
00219162Router Machine Bit, ؽInch Shaft£67.90
00219233Arbour Bore Slotter, ؼ' Bore£29.27
00503240Mirka Cloth BeltFrom £1.29
00219122Rounding Cutter, 2 Bearing Guides£46.94
00219124Rounding Cutter, 2 Bearing Guides£53.28
00219127Rounding Cutter, 2 Bearing Guides£62.71
00219163Router Machine Bit, ؽInch Shaft£81.96
00215765Radius CutterFrom £72.79
00219140Flush Trimmer, ؼInch ShaftFrom £5.38
00161801Makita SDS-Plus LXT Hammer Drill£448.51