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Cylinder Pulls   Back to Door Furniture

DFC319ASteelworx Cylinder Pull, OvalFrom £4.70
DFC356ADesigner Escutcheon, OvalFrom £4.50
90152371Europrofile Cylinder Pull, BrassFrom £22.45
90156362Round Cylinder Pull, BrassFrom £24.38
DF815AVictorian Cylinder PullFrom £7.20
DFA628ABlacksmith Rim Cylinder PullFrom £5.81
DFA762ABlacksmith Euro Door Pull FixingsFrom £40.70
DFC123ACylinder PullFrom £4.16
DFC124ACylinder Latch PullFrom £3.68
DFC320ASteelworx Cylinder Pull, EuroFrom £3.04
DFC321ASteelworx Cylinder Pull, Lever LockFrom £3.04
DFC323ASteelworx Cylinder Pull, RimFrom £3.04
DFC355ADesigner Escutcheon, Lever LockFrom £4.72
DFF106ACylinder PullFrom £2.76
DFF106EPlain Cylinder PullFrom £2.76
DFZ055AZAS Cylinder Latch PullFrom £2.99
DFM153ACylinder Pull, SquareFrom £6.22
DFM154ACylinder Pull, RoundFrom £2.95
DHM196ACylinder Pull, SquaredFrom £6.22
DHM197ACylinder Pull, RoundedFrom £2.95
90252840Europrofile Cylinder PullFrom £7.67
90256800Round Cylinder PullFrom £4.29
DF815Victorian Cylinder Pull£1.20
DF850Georgian Cylinder Pull£8.00
DFC130AGeorgian Cylinder Latch Pull£3.74
DHM216ACylinder Pull, Rounded£7.46
DFF229AFleur De Lys Cylinder Cover £3.61
DFC347ACylinder Pull, Lever Lock£3.04
DFC348ACylinder Pull, Rim£3.20
DFC349ACylinder Pull, Blank£3.71
HA1010BVictorian Cylinder Pull Handle £1.28
DFC485AEurospec Rim Cylinder Pull £1.28
DFF303ACylinder Pull £0.80
90056865Round Cylinder Pull, Brass£13.05
90452161Cylinder Pull, Euro Profile£2.81

We offer many different cylinder pulls that can be installed on your doors. Users will find some unique designs including georgian, victorian and architectural.