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LED tape is an incredibly simple but effective way to bring more light into your home...
A mortice lock is fitted inside the door itself and can be used on doors of different materials...
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Dialock Hotel Locking System is able to specify which user is able to access where, and you can programme what (if any) time periods this is restricted to - ideal for fixed shift workers.

  • Authorisation can be granted centrally and managed for each room allowing flexibility to the working areas.
  • Dialock can interface with Hotel Management Systems and is adaptable at any time to suit varying staff levels and access areas such as staff entrances, delivery access and parking.
23756132Dialock DFT Relay Unit£73.71
82328780Distributor, 12V/6A£11.21
90230060Dialock SISSIA Lever Handle£23.13
90230071Dialock SABRINA Lever Handle£28.56
90230100Dialock VENNIA Lever Handle£24.71
91051080Dialock Electronic Output Extender£225.45
91052012Personnel Software, Full Version£1798.15
91052122Hotel Software, Full Version£400.74
91052162Hotel/Personnel Software, Lite Ver.£998.53
91202015Electronic Door Loop, Concealed£18.59
91202016Door Loop, Surface Mounted£9.62
91600610Dialock Single Cylinder£32.53
91722028Legic Battery Change Key, Plastic£20.97
91724219Dialock Key with Wristband£9.02
91742015Dialock Encoding Station ES£525.75
91742101MDU Mobile Data Unit£623.61
91751258Dialock Wall Terminal Set£289.12
91781902Dialock Maintenance Tool, Magnetic£2.81
91790900Dialock Pliers for Retaining Ring£27.69
91791032Dialock Power Supply Unit and Case£203.03
91793010Wall Terminal DC Power Supply Unit£36.56
23756993Dialock DFT Test Device for EFL3 £53.66
23758140Dialock DFT Power Supply £36.61
91756000Dialock DT Lite Door Terminal SetFrom £212.15
91780922M5 Threaded Screw, SteelFrom £0.77
91781520Dialock DT Lite Round CylinderFrom £13.38
91790410Dialock Fixing MaterialsFrom £15.32
91744187Dialock Key Tag £4.82
91781401Dialock DT Lite Mortise Lock From £61.69
91790042Dialock Flanged Strike Plate From £3.19
91754500Dialock DTSH Door Terminal SetFrom £242.87
90230002Dialock SANDRA Lever HandleFrom £13.62
90230012Dialock SOFIA Lever HandleFrom £9.78
91117228Dialock Mortice LockFrom £95.34
82328318Secondary Extension LeadFrom £3.38
91202091Current Transmitter From £8.56
91054970Rechargeable Battery, Lead AcidFrom £15.78
90230023Dialock SARA Lever Handle £12.27