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Dialock LockerLock   Back to Access Control

Dialock LockerLock is an innovative system that uses key tags and electronic cards. The electronic circuit within the unit is activated by pressing an electronic key against the button.

  • Includes an integrated real-time clock to programme time-limited locking authorisations
  • Activated by pressing an electronic key against the button
  • An LED indication light advises the lock status
  • Each lock can store the previous 150 transactions
91744093Tag-it Key Tag, PlasticFrom £4.09
91744208Dialock Lockerlock Electronic keyFrom £7.13
91791021Dialock Power Supply 12V DCFrom £36.89
91744101Dialock Key Tag KT, Polycarbonite£13.32
23180100Maintenance Tool, Plastic£13.65
23181100Dialock Self-Adhesive Number Plate£1.80
91742001Tag-it Programming Key Card, PVC£7.17
91742002Tag-it Clearing Key Card, PVC£7.17
91742061Dialock IT Information Terminal Set£721.79
91744011Dialock Tag-it Key Card£1.69
23190013Dialock LockerLock LL 100 Set £136.55
23181200LockerLock Instruction SheetFrom £1.72
91742021Dialock Tag-it Key CardsFrom £23.93