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We have been using mirrors for thousands of years, but when did the mirror as we know it come into popular use? If you’ve ever wondered how mirrors were created, or how they work, this blog has the answers you need...
Aluminium is ubiquitous in our daily lives; it’s used for so many cool things, and in this blog we’re going to be exalting its qualities...
Ventilation systems are designed to provide enough air to protect workers in an industrial environment or homeowners from exposure to contaminants...
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OSI051ASingle Groove Profile, 90° CornerFrom £18.96
OSI009ABoiserie Side Bracket with Velcro£5.15
OSI011ABoiserie Wall Fixing Bracket Set£11.73
OSI012ABoiserie Wall Panel Recess Plate£1.36
OSI013ABoiserie Wall Panel Anchor Bracket£4.16
OSI015AAssembly System Catenary Head£0.11
OSI022AAssembly System Catenary Head£0.61
OSI023AAssembly System Catenary Head£0.42
OSI027AAssembly System Catenary Head£0.59
OSI030AAssembly System Catenary Head£0.42
OSI039AFlat Groove Profile, Bracket£0.26
OSI040AFlat Groove Profile, Angle Bracket£2.58
OSI053AGroove Profile, Terminal Support£1.55
OSI055AGroove Profile, Support£2.00
OSI056AGroove Profile, Support£2.16
OSI057AGroove Profile, Support£2.54
OSI081ASteel Spacers£4.78
OSI094AVertical Terminal Packaging, SI7542£22.42
OSI097AVertical Terminal Packaging, SI7543£22.42
OSI063AGroove Profile, Support£1.97
OSI002ABacksplash D620 KitFrom £1.47
OSI004ABacksplash SI4821 KitFrom £6.82
OSI006ABacksplash SI5811 KitFrom £1.47
OSI008ABoiserie Wall Side Panel ProfileFrom £16.51
OSI010ABoiserie Wall Panel AngleFrom £4.16
OSI020AAssembly System Catenary TS3413From £2.75
OSI021AAssembly System Catenary TS3413From £2.29
OSI025AAssembly System Catenary TS1976From £2.83
OSI026AAssembly System Catenary TS1976From £2.50
OSI037AFlat Groove Profile, Corner TS5694From £12.64
OSI038AFlat Groove Profile, Flank FXGPFrom £7.66
OSI041AFlat Groove Profile, SupportFrom £2.03
OSI046ASingle Groove Profile, End CapFrom £20.64
OSI047ASingle Groove Profile, End CapFrom £20.64
OSI048ASingle Groove Profile, End CapFrom £20.64
OSI049ASingle Groove Profile, End CapFrom £20.64
OSI050ASingle Groove Profile, 90° CornerFrom £25.28
OSI052ASingle Groove Profile, MultiangleFrom £40.02
OSI054AGroove Profile, Undertop SupportFrom £1.84
OSI059ADouble Groove Profile, 90° CornerFrom £25.28
OSI060ADouble Groove Profile, 90° CornerFrom £25.28
OSI061ADouble Groove Profile, End CapFrom £20.64
OSI062ADouble Groove Profile, End CapFrom £8.91
OSI065AFlat Groove Profile, SupportFrom £2.19
OSI067ALED Single Groove Profile, End CapFrom £21.76
OSI068ALED Single Groove Profile, End CapFrom £22.08
OSI069ALED Single Groove Profile, End CapFrom £22.40
OSI070ALED Single Groove Profile, End CapFrom £22.72
OSI071ALED Single Groove Profile, CornerFrom £24.00
OSI072ALED Single Groove Profile, CornerFrom £24.00
OSI080ADouble Groove Profile Cap, D1173From £0.77
OSI083ASingle Groove Profile Cap, D1174From £0.67
OSI086ADouble Groove Profile Cap, D1176From £0.77
OSI088ASingle Groove Profile Cap, TS5301From £0.67
OSI093ADouble Groove Profile Cap, SI7542From £0.77
OSI096ASingle Groove Profile Cap, SI7543From £0.67
OSI109APlinth Multiangle 3M389From £1.65
OSI110APlinth Linear ProfileFrom £0.74
OSI111APlinth Corner 135°From £0.77
OSI112APlinth Corner 90°, RadiusedFrom £0.82
OSI113APlinth Corner 90°From £0.77
OSI114APlinth Corner 90°, Locking ScrewFrom £2.19
OSI116APlinth Multiangle 3M389From £1.76
OSI117APlinth Linear ProfileFrom £0.77
OSI118APlinth Corner 135°From £0.80
OSI119APlinth Corner 90°, RadiusedFrom £0.86
OSI120APlinth Corner 90°From £0.80
OSI121APlinth Corner 90°, Locking ScrewFrom £2.22
OSI123APlinth Multiangle 3M389From £1.87
OSI124APlinth Linear ProfileFrom £0.78
OSI125APlinth Corner 135°From £0.82
OSI126APlinth Corner 90°, RadiusedFrom £0.88
OSI127APlinth Corner 90°From £0.82
OSI128APlinth Corner 90°, Locking ScrewFrom £2.26
OSI130APlinth Multiangle 3M389From £2.10
OSI131APlinth Linear ProfileFrom £0.88
OSI132APlinth Corner 135°From £0.91
OSI133APlinth Corner 90°, RadiusedFrom £1.02
OSI134APlinth Corner 90°From £0.93
OSI135APlinth Corner 90°, Locking ScrewFrom £2.34
OSI137APlinth Multiangle 3M389From £2.30
OSI138APlinth Linear ProfileFrom £0.94
OSI139APlinth Corner 135°From £0.99
OSI140APlinth Corner 90°, RadiusedFrom £1.12
OSI179ALED Plinth Corner 90°, ExternalFrom £22.88
OSI180ALED Plinth Corner 90°, InternalFrom £22.88
OSI181ALED Linear ElementFrom £20.96
OSI183ALED Plinth Corner 90°, ExternalFrom £24.00
OSI184ALED Plinth Corner 90°, InternalFrom £24.00
OSI185ALED Linear ElementFrom £21.76
OSI187ALED Plinth Corner 90°, ExternalFrom £25.60
OSI188ALED Plinth Corner 90°, InternalFrom £25.60
OSI189ALED Linear ElementFrom £23.04
OSI141APlinth Corner 90°From £0.99
OSI142APlinth Corner 90°, Locking ScrewFrom £2.40
OSI144APlinth Multiangle 3M389From £2.53
OSI145APlinth Linear ProfileFrom £1.02
OSI146APlinth Corner 135°From £1.07
OSI147APlinth Corner 90°, RadiusedFrom £1.22
OSI148APlinth Corner 90°From £1.07
OSI149APlinth Corner 90°, Locking ScrewFrom £2.46
OSI151APlinth Multiangle 3M389From £2.53
OSI152APlinth Linear ProfileFrom £1.02
OSI153APlinth Corner 135°From £1.07
OSI154APlinth Corner 90°, RadiusedFrom £1.22
OSI155APlinth Corner 90°From £1.07
OSI156APlinth Corner 90°, Locking ScrewFrom £2.46
OSI158APlinth Multiangle 3M389From £2.64
OSI159APlinth Linear ProfileFrom £1.06
OSI160APlinth Corner 135°From £1.10
OSI161APlinth Corner 90°, RadiusedFrom £1.28
OSI162APlinth Corner 90°From £1.12
OSI163APlinth Corner 90°, Locking ScrewFrom £2.51
OSI165APlinth Multiangle 3M389From £2.86
OSI166APlinth Linear ProfileFrom £1.12
OSI167APlinth Corner 135°From £0.86
OSI168APlinth Corner 90°, RadiusedFrom £1.38
OSI169APlinth Corner 90°From £1.20
OSI170APlinth Corner 90°, Locking ScrewFrom £2.58
OSI172APlinth Multiangle 3M389From £3.18
OSI173APlinth Linear ProfileFrom £1.22
OSI174APlinth Corner 135°From £1.02
OSI175APlinth Corner 90°, RadiusedFrom £1.54
OSI176APlinth Corner 90°From £1.31
OSI177APlinth Corner 90°, Locking ScrewFrom £2.69