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Ventilation systems are designed to provide enough air to protect workers in an industrial environment or homeowners from exposure to contaminants...
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Aluminium profiles are designed with 'C' channels, hollow sections, and bosses which can be used with connecting elements and can perform a wide range of additional functions. Typically, profiles are designed to be uprights or cross members but many can be used as either to suit the desired application.

OSI085ADouble Groove Profile, D1176From £57.77
OSI095ASingle Groove Profile, SI7543From £9.66
GOL001BGola L, Aluminium£4.23
GOL002CGola C, Aluminium£4.84
SSJC90Plinth 90° Corner Piece £2.04
SSP30Plinth Slab, Metal£34.61
OSI001ABacksplash Profile D620 From £18.61
OSI003ABacksplash Profile SI4821 From £37.09
OSI005ABacksplash Profile SI5811 From £23.79
OSI014AAssembly System Catenary D904 From £2.74
OSI016AAssembly System Catenary SI4410 From £6.18
OSI017AAssembly System Catenary SI6084 From £2.43
OSI018AAssembly System Catenary TS1661 From £11.65
OSI019AAssembly System Catenary TS3413 From £1.41
OSI024AAssembly System Catenary TS1976 From £2.83
OSI028AAssembly System Catenary TS6234 From £2.37
OSI029AAssembly System Catenary TS6280 From £3.28
OSI031AAssembly System Catenary TS6584 From £2.85
OSI032AAssembly System Catenary VB10733 From £2.05
OSI033AAssembly System Catenary VB11324 From £2.62
OSI034AFurnace Frame CPC1010From £11.44
OSI035AOven Spacer SFC1020From £14.59
OSI036AFlat Groove Profile, Single TS4951 From £42.17
OSI042ADouble Flat Groove Profile, TS4950 From £47.68
OSI043ASingle Flat Groove Profile, D1208 From £29.58
OSI044ADishwasher Groove Profile, SI7943From £9.68
OSI045ASingle Groove Profile, SI6160 From £28.74
OSI064ASingle Groove Profile, SI8337 From £34.45
OSI074AGroove for Wall Units, D738From £3.23
OSI075AGroove for Wall Units, D903From £2.64
OSI076AGroove for Wall Units, D1124From £2.66
OSI077AGroove for Wall Units, D1175From £2.77
OSI079ADouble Groove Profile, D1173 From £69.76
OSI082ASingle Groove Profile, D1174 From £60.26
OSI084AProtective Ovencarter, CFXGFrom £8.72
OSI087ASingle Groove Profile, TS5301 From £48.30
OSI089AProtective Ovencarter, CFXG12From £8.72
OSI090ADouble Flat Groove Profile, TS4950 From £47.68
OSI091ASingle Flat Groove Profile, TS4951 From £42.17
OSI098AVentilation Grid, D976From £11.15
OSI099AVentilation Grid for Plinth, GXZFrom £7.06
OSI100AWooden Door Frame Handle, D1004From £12.67
OSI101AWooden Door Frame Handle, SI4826From £8.91
OSI102ARecessed Handle, SI6906From £7.49
OSI103AWooden Door Frame Handle, SI8114From £9.01
OSI106ADish Rack Frame, SC2020From £14.67
OSI107ADish Rack Frame, SC2040From £8.08
OSI108APlinth with Gasket, ZH40 From £21.57
OSI115APlinth with Gasket, ZH50 From £22.85
OSI122APlinth with Gasket, ZH60 From £25.74
OSI129APlinth with Gasket, ZH80 From £29.37
OSI136APlinth with Gasket, ZH100 From £33.26
OSI143APlinth with Gasket, ZH120 From £37.03
OSI150APlinth with Gasket, ZH120M From £37.03
OSI157APlinth with Gasket, ZH130 From £38.91
OSI164APlinth with Gasket, ZH150 From £42.67
OSI171APlinth with Gasket, ZH180 From £64.18
OSI007ABoiserie Wall Panel Profile From £37.86
OSI058ADouble Groove Profile, SI6161 From £38.91
SSJCPlinth Connector Piece £2.04
OSI092ADouble Groove Profile Only, SI7542From £40.00