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One of the best ways to add interest to a home or office construction project is to be innovative in the way you use mirror fittings...
Ensuring that components are securely connected is a must for anyone in the hardware business...
When it comes to designing a show home, it can be tempting to go with appearance over functionality...

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DFC103ADoor Knocker, Urn£35.25
DFC116ADoor Knocker, Beaded£51.63
DFC126ALarge Door Knocker, Lion Head£172.30
DFC128ADoor Knocker, Lion Head Number 10£55.73
DH418Georgian Urn KnockerFrom £3.25
DH422Georgian Tongue Knocker£5.76
DH436Door Knocker, Doctor £22.10
DH438AMedusa Door Knocker£14.40
DH439Door Knocker£14.40
DH439AShell Door Knocker£14.40
DH460Victorian Door Knocker, UrnFrom £2.40
DHM218ADoor Knocker, Ring£121.70
DHM219ADoor Knocker, Urn£30.43
DFF145AExterior Door Ring Knocker £19.69
DFC134AGeorgian Door Knocker, UrnFrom £7.84
DFF228ARing Knocker £9.44
DH421Lion Knocker, Large £4.16
DFC514ALedlow Wealden Door Knocker £44.75
98606002Slim Victorian Urn Door KnockerFrom £2.70
98607402Doctors Style Door Knocker,BrassFrom £115.49
98607412Door Knocker, Ring, BrassFrom £100.16
98607432Lion's Head Door Knocker, BrassFrom £147.89
98608772Victorian Urn Door KnockerFrom £2.41
DFM155AUrn KnockerFrom £8.10
DFM157ADoor KnockerFrom £22.46
DHM191ADoor Knocker, UrnFrom £8.10
DHM192ARing KnockerFrom £27.69
DHM192DSlim KnockerFrom £18.51
DHM193ALion KnockerFrom £20.26
DHM194ADoctor KnockerFrom £36.60
DFF314AUrn Knocker From £7.94
DFF241ASloane Scroll Knocker From £21.26
DFF242ASloane Scroll Knocker From £19.41
DH438DDoor Scroll Knocker From £20.98
DHF140AContemporary Door Knocker From £19.69
DFC115ADoor Knocker, RingFrom £21.66
DFC121Door Knocker, UrnFrom £9.78
DFC350ADoor KnockerFrom £96.72
DFC351ADoor Knocker on BackplateFrom £19.95
DFC352ADoor Knocker on RoseFrom £16.21
DFC477AEurospec Door KnockerFrom £39.70
98607424Door Knocker, Plain, Brass From £67.29

The way your door knockers are styled can have a positive effect on the overall look and design of your door. We give users plenty of choice in design so that they can find one the matches the texture and material of it's surroundings. From lion heads and medusa, to traditional urn and ring knockers, Hart Wholesale certainly offer one of the most unique collections in the UK.