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Dowels   Back to Screws & Fixings

02601013Wood to Metal DowelFrom £3.12
03900061M6 Spreading SleeveFrom £13.71
03933042M4 Glued DowelFrom £2.07
26783026Dowel, FSC BeechwoodFrom £66.96
00690180Festool Domino BiscuitsFrom £14.54
00690190Festool Domino BiscuitsFrom £80.33
00690196Festool Domino Biscuit Assortment£216.85
04298033Expanding Sleeve without collar£15.75
04298051Expanding Sleeves£0.69
05163000Plasterboard GK Fischer Dowel£12.04
05169000Fischer GKM Plasterboard Dowel£11.19
DR700532BLUM Knock-In Dowel, Nylon£20.55
KD1723Three Piece Dowel Connector,Plug-In£20.80
LF1803Dowel Screw, Wood/MetalFrom £2.72
SF2414Dowel ScrewFrom £2.02
00690121Festool Domino BiscuitFrom £37.30
00690151Festool Dowel RodFrom £52.68
00690221Festool Dominos in Systainer £167.36
26240715Dowel Connector £0.17
26240716Dowel Sleeve with Collar, Nylon £0.05

For users looking for a wide range of dowels or their accessories you have come to the right place. Hart Wholesale stock some great products including , rods, knock in, glued, plasterboard, and wood to metal dowels.

Our products come from some of the leading brands in the industry including Festool and Blum both of which have a great reputation for providing top quality products.

Browse through the image list above to learn more about the various specifications including sizes, finishes and pricing. Users can choose to buy in bulk or individually.