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Ventilation systems are designed to provide enough air to protect workers in an industrial environment or homeowners from exposure to contaminants...
Upcycling your furniture can be a rewarding job, but more than that, it can quickly turn into an enjoyable hobby, or even a career...
One of the best ways to add interest to a home or office construction project is to be innovative in the way you use mirror fittings...

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M301323BLUM Cutter for DrillFrom £13.25
00122390Step Drill Bit£72.89
00122467Step Drill Bit£55.49
00140509Twist Drill Bit Set£5.06
00637037Hex Socket ¼in Insert Bit From £4.36
00167840Wood CutterFrom £18.75
00185446HM Drill BitFrom £71.04
00141530Twist Drill Bit Set, 19 Pieces£10.63
00167760Long Drill£28.57
00167930Holesaw Pilot Drill£5.30
00167950Electricians Holesaw Kit£59.34
00167960Plumbers Holesaw HEX Kit£59.34
00167994Dry Diamond Guide Rod£14.91
00219262Aquamac21 Router Cutter£161.00
00636716Drill Bit£65.77
28301091Router, ¼In Shank, Hi Speed Steel£68.01
HI1230Hinge Drill Hole CutterFrom £3.57
JIG1008BLUM ECODRILL Drill Bit£16.65
JIG1009BLUM ECODRILL Fittings Drill Bit£25.20
JIG1010BLUM ECODRILL Fittings Drill Bit£31.62
SF2428Drill Bit Set, Countersunk£9.58
SF2428APlug Cutter with Centre Drill£2.62
SF2429AJobber Drill BitFrom £1.92
SF2429OProStar Wood Drill Bit£0.63
SF2429PCobalt Drill Bit£10.03
SF2433Drill Pot, Mixed HSS Drills£7.90
SF2433AMetal Drill SetsFrom £9.55
SF2441Bi-Metal Hole Cutter Saw From £5.56
SF2441DProStar Arbor for Cutter£5.94
SF2445SDS Plus Hammer Drill BitFrom £0.61
TOO359ARouter Bit Set£18.70
V999Heavy Duty Core DrillFrom £38.02
00166595Bosch Power-Change Saw Adaptor £19.73
00637030Drill Hex Bit £0.81
00105290Bosch Hinge Cutting Bit Set £83.59
00167212Ø 60 mm outlet cutters £21.24
F24136Masonary Drill BitFrom £0.52
00170-0001SDS Plus Drill Bit £3.18
00219270TCT 2 Flute 10° Overlay £137.45
00219277TCT 2 Flute Overhang Trimmer £103.71
00219279TCT 2 Flute Overhang Trimmer £60.28
00122485Step Drill Bit£71.18
SF2475Worktop CutterFrom £13.60
00120000Irwin Bluegroove 6x Wood Boring BitFrom £7.74
00120403Wood Dowel Bit, Brad Point Lip+SpurFrom £1.13
00128218Plug-On Countersunk Bit, Tool SteelFrom £17.57
00141006Twist Drill BitFrom £1.11
00141168HSS Twist Drill BitFrom £0.20
00142674Stop ring for Drill Bit£2.14
00167214Bosch Multi-Purpose HolesawFrom £21.94
00167223Bosch Multi-Purpose Hole SawFrom £14.00
00167901Holesaw DrillFrom £3.20
00167941Holesaw ArborFrom £8.27
00167975Dry Diamond CoreFrom £54.69
00169070Bosch Tile Cuter Drill BitFrom £5.76
00169106Percussion Masonary Drill BitFrom £2.84
00170030SDS Plus Drill Bit, Carbide TippedFrom £1.80
00171001HEX Auger Wood BitFrom £6.23
00171101Flat Wood BitFrom £2.49
00219260Aquamac63 Router Cutter£134.57
00105201Bosch Hinge Cutting BitFrom £15.77
00105220Bosch Cantilever Hinge Cutting BitFrom £12.74
00167861Plunging Cutter £15.51
00133-0001Knot Boring Machine Bit£135.85