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Aluminium is ubiquitous in our daily lives; it’s used for so many cool things, and in this blog we’re going to be exalting its qualities...
Ventilation systems are designed to provide enough air to protect workers in an industrial environment or homeowners from exposure to contaminants...
Upcycling your furniture can be a rewarding job, but more than that, it can quickly turn into an enjoyable hobby, or even a career...

Euro Cylinders   Back to Door Locks

91655100Single Profile Cylinder, BrassFrom £5.29
91655150Euro Cylinder, SingleFrom £12.56
91655300Double Profile Cylinder, BrassFrom £5.85
91655350Euro Cylinder, DoubleFrom £14.27
91655500Profile Cylinder and ThumbturnFrom £7.68
91655550Euro Cylinder and ThumbturnFrom £14.27
91655700Half Cylinder With Thumbturn, BrassFrom £14.13
91656302Single Profile CylinderFrom £7.04
91656312Double Profile CylinderFrom £8.44
91656412Single Cylinder, Master KeyedFrom £21.25
91656452Double Cylinder, Master KeyedFrom £17.10
91656552Profile Cylinder and ThumbturnFrom £34.08
91656701Profile Cylinder and ThumbturnFrom £27.11
91656801Rim CylinderFrom £15.26
91690272Snapsafe Euro Cylinder, 5 PinsFrom £38.48
91691000Economy Double Profile CylinderFrom £9.68
91691100Economy Cylinder and ThumbturnFrom £13.04
91691300Economy Single Profile CylinderFrom £9.96
DFA739AEuro CylindersFrom £11.52
DFA740AEuro Half CylindersFrom £22.90
DFA741AEuro CylindersFrom £26.36
DFA742AEuro Thumbturn CylindersFrom £16.80
DFC300BContract 5Pin Oval Single CylinderFrom £5.78
DFC301BContract 5Pin Oval Double CylinderFrom £6.11
DFC302BContract 5Pin Oval CylinderFrom £7.71
DFC303AContract 5Pin Standard Rim Cylinder£3.97
DFC303BContract 5Pin Standard Rim Cylinder£3.97
DFC551BEurospec MPx6+ Euro Single CylinderFrom £22.32
DFC552A3Eurospec MPx6+ Euro Double CylinderFrom £27.87
DFC553A3Eurospec MPx6+ Euro CylinderFrom £30.05
DF7938Euro Profile Single Cylinder£7.16
DF793SEuro Profile Single CylinderFrom £12.54
DF794Euro Profile Cylinder TurnknobFrom £6.22
DF831Traditional Night Latch Cylinder£2.40
DF831BBird Lock Spare Cylinder£3.02
DFC293AArchitectural Oval Double CylinderFrom £8.35
DFC275AArchitectural Euro Single CylinderFrom £11.47
DF793Euro KITE MARK Double CylinderFrom £5.09
DFC274APatented 15Pin Euro CylinderFrom £39.50
DFC289AArchitectural Cylinder SetFrom £20.06
DFC290AArchitectural Cylinder SetFrom £19.18
DFC292AArchitectural Oval Single CylinderFrom £7.95
DFC295AArchitectural Threaded Rim CylinderFrom £9.15
DFC294AArchitectural Oval CylinderFrom £13.09
DFC278AArchitectural Euro CylinderFrom £13.65
DFC276AArchitectural Euro Double CylinderFrom £10.64
DFC280AArchitectural UK Oval CylinderFrom £9.95
DFC281AArchitectural UK Oval CylinderFrom £9.95
DFC282AArchitectural UK Oval CylinderFrom £16.10
DFC283AArchitectural Universal RimCylinderFrom £19.28
DFC284AArchitectural Scandinavian CylinderFrom £12.37
DFC287A1Architectural Euro Double CylinderFrom £7.02
DFC288AArchitectural Euro Single CylinderFrom £7.36
DFC291A1Architectural Euro CylinderFrom £10.30
DFC296A1Architectural Standard Rim CylinderFrom £0.16
DFC304AContract 5Pin Euro Double CylinderFrom £4.91
DFC305AContract 5Pin Euro CylinderFrom £5.42
DFC547AEurospec Euro Single Cylinder From £11.12
DFC549A1Eurospec Euro Cylinder with Turn From £14.03
DF793VEuro Profile Cylinder with TurnFrom £9.60
DF831CSpare CylinderFrom £3.02
91655820Rim Cylinder £6.87
91655991Cylinder Master Key, Keyed Alike £11.45
DFF336AEuro Profile Single Cylinder From £4.01
DFF338AEuro Profile Double Cylinder From £4.53
DFF341AEuro Profile Cylinder & Turn From £6.02
DFF345AMK1 Suite Euro Single Cylinder From £10.69
DFF346AMK1 Suite Euro Double Cylinder From £4.41
DFF347AMK1 Suite Euro Cylinder & Turn From £14.82
DFF349AMK1 Suite Oval Single Cylinder From £4.71
DFF350AMK1 Suite Oval Double Cylinder From £5.14
DFF351AMK1 Suite Oval Cylinder & Turn From £6.63
DFF363ARim Cylinder, 5 Pin From £4.88
DFC271APatented 15Pin Euro Single CylinderFrom £37.63
DFC272APatented 15Pin Euro Double CylinderFrom £54.72
DFC273APatented 15Pin STD Rim CylinderFrom £41.09
DFC297AContract 5Pin Euro Double CylinderFrom £5.62
DFC298AContract 5Pin Euro Single CylinderFrom £5.31
DFC299AContract 5Pin Euro CylinderFrom £6.27
DFC548A1Eurospec Euro Double CylinderFrom £12.42
91656720Cylinder+Thumbturn, Master Keyed £55.20
91656900Cylinder Master Key, Brass£11.73