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Typically used for decorative purposes, veneer is usually a thin sheet of wood that can help to transform surfaces such as flooring...
LED tape is an incredibly simple but effective way to bring more light into your home...
A mortice lock is fitted inside the door itself and can be used on doors of different materials...

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91656900Cylinder Master Key, Brass£10.60
DF7938Euro Profile Single Cylinder£7.16
DF793SEuro Profile Single CylinderFrom £12.54
DF794Euro Profile Cylinder TurnknobFrom £6.22
DF831Traditional Night Latch Cylinder£2.40
DF831BBird Lock Spare Cylinder£3.02
DFC293AArchitectural Oval Double CylinderFrom £8.35
DFC275AArchitectural Euro Single CylinderFrom £11.47
DF793Euro KITE MARK Double CylinderFrom £5.09
91656811Screw-In CylindersFrom £46.07
DFC274APatented 15Pin Euro CylinderFrom £39.50
DFC289AArchitectural Cylinder SetFrom £20.06
DFC290AArchitectural Cylinder SetFrom £19.18
DFC292AArchitectural Oval Single CylinderFrom £7.95
DFC295AArchitectural Threaded Rim CylinderFrom £9.15
DFC294AArchitectural Oval CylinderFrom £13.09
91656412Single Cylinder, Master KeyedFrom £20.39
91656452Double Cylinder, Master KeyedFrom £15.45
91690272Snapsafe Euro Cylinder, 5 PinsFrom £34.77
91691100Economy Cylinder and ThumbturnFrom £11.78
91691300Economy Single Profile CylinderFrom £9.00
DFA739AEuro CylindersFrom £12.46
DFA740AEuro Half CylindersFrom £22.06
DFA741AEuro CylindersFrom £26.36
DFA742AEuro Thumbturn CylindersFrom £16.85
DFC546ALever Insert for Euro Cylinder Lock £2.59
DFC278AArchitectural Euro CylinderFrom £13.65
DFC271APatented 15Pin Euro Single CylinderFrom £35.50
DFC272APatented 15Pin Euro Double CylinderFrom £51.62
DFC273APatented 15Pin STD Rim CylinderFrom £38.77
DFC276AArchitectural Euro Double CylinderFrom £10.64
DFC280AArchitectural UK Oval CylinderFrom £9.95
DFC281AArchitectural UK Oval CylinderFrom £9.95
DFC282AArchitectural UK Oval CylinderFrom £15.31
DFC283AArchitectural Universal RimCylinderFrom £18.19
DFC284AArchitectural Scandinavian CylinderFrom £12.37
DFC287A1Architectural Euro Double CylinderFrom £7.02
DFC288AArchitectural Euro Single CylinderFrom £7.36
DFC291A1Architectural Euro CylinderFrom £10.29
DFC296A1Architectural Standard Rim CylinderFrom £0.14
DFC297AContract 5Pin Euro Double CylinderFrom £5.62
DFC298AContract 5Pin Euro Single CylinderFrom £5.31
DFC299AContract 5Pin Euro CylinderFrom £6.27
DFC300AContract 5Pin Oval Single CylinderFrom £5.78
DFC301AContract 5Pin Oval Double CylinderFrom £6.11
DFC302AContract 5Pin Oval CylinderFrom £7.71
DFC303AContract 5Pin Standard Rim CylinderFrom £3.74
DFC304AContract 5Pin Euro Double CylinderFrom £4.72
DFC305AContract 5Pin Euro CylinderFrom £5.12
DFC547AEurospec Euro Single Cylinder From £11.12
DFC548A1Eurospec Euro Double Cylinder From £11.79
DFC549A1Eurospec Euro Cylinder with Turn From £14.03
DFC551AEurospec MPx6+ Euro Single Cylinder From £22.32
DFC552A1Eurospec MPx6+ Euro Double Cylinder From £23.01
DFC553A1Eurospec MPx6+ Euro Cylinder From £28.35
DF793VEuro Profile Cylinder with TurnFrom £9.60
DF831CSpare CylinderFrom £3.02
91655150Euro Cylinder, Single From £11.35
91655350Euro Cylinder, Double From £12.89
91655550Euro Cylinder and Thumbturn From £12.89
91655820Rim Cylinder £16.00
91655991Cylinder Master Key, Keyed Alike £10.35
91656701Profile Cylinder and Thumbturn From £24.50
91655300Double Profile Cylinder, BrassFrom £5.29
91655500Profile Cylinder and ThumbturnFrom £7.47
91655700Half Cylinder With Thumbturn, BrassFrom £20.80
91691000Economy Double Profile CylinderFrom £8.74
91655100Single Profile Cylinder, BrassFrom £4.78
91656302Single Profile CylinderFrom £12.88
91656312Double Profile CylinderFrom £14.33
91656800Rim CylinderFrom £31.06
91656552Profile Cylinder and ThumbturnFrom £33.16
91656717Cylinder+Thumbturn, Master KeyedFrom £37.56