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For those who have limited mobility, it can be important to be able to live with as much independence as possible...
Kitchen cabinets should be installed after the plumbing and rough wiring is done, but before the flooring has been installed...
Whether a gleaming oak floor or a smoothly painted and finished wall- these finishes are made possible by the application of sandpaper...

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DH571CEscutcheon, Concealed FixFrom £1.36
DH571CSEscutcheon, Concealed FixFrom £1.36
12083801Brass Escutcheon£2.65
DFA103AOld English Key EscutcheonFrom £2.40
DFA103BOld English Key Escutcheon From £2.40
DHM289AEuro Profile Escutcheon, Nylon RoseFrom £2.23
DHM321AEuro Escutcheon, SorrentoFrom £1.58
90052831Escutcheon, Profile Cylinder, Brass£7.59
90055831Escutcheon, Blank, Brass£8.08
90252032Escutcheon, Profile Cylinder£7.34
90259300Security Escutcheon,ProfileCylinder£32.09
90380700Escutcheon, Profile Cylinder£5.46
90451271Escutcheon, Keyway, Aluminium£17.46
90451461Escutcheon, Standard Keyway£0.84
90452021Escutcheon, Profile Cylinder£17.80
90452041Escutcheon, Profile Cylinder£22.66
DF833AEscutcheon, Victorian Uncovered£4.00
DF856BEscutcheon, Plain£0.39
DFC187APeriod Georgian Escutcheon£4.88
DFC315ASteelworx Escutcheon, Euro£3.58
DFC334AEscutcheon, Euro£1.54
DFC341AEscutcheon, Euro£1.92
DFF107VEscutcheon, Euro Oval£1.00
DFF119AExterior Door Escutcheon£0.39
90052605Escutcheon, Profile Cylinder, BrassFrom £7.97
90052645Escutcheon, Profile Cylinder, BrassFrom £5.22
90055645Escutcheon, Blank, BrassFrom £6.09
DFM104ARound Open Escutcheon From £1.33
DHM277AEuro Profile Escutcheon From £2.66
DHM285AEuro Profile Escutcheon From £2.66
DHM297AEuro Profile Escutcheon From £2.66
DFM105AEuro Profile Escutcheon From £2.07
90151066Escutcheon, Standard KeywayFrom £2.86
90152066Escutcheon, Euro ProfileFrom £2.86
90159033Escutcheon, Profile Cylinder From £38.56
90159036Escutcheon, Standard Keyway From £38.56
90159045Escutcheon, Profile Cylinder From £35.99
90159048Escutcheon, Standard Keyway From £35.99
90251880Escutcheon, KeywayFrom £1.80
DH587Fortessa Euro Escutcheon£2.06
DFZ001AEuro Profile Escutcheon From £26.08
DF8561Victorian Escutcheon, UncoveredFrom £0.94
DFF210GMinimal Escutcheon, Euro From £8.23
DHF237ARound Escutcheon £1.23
18103609Escutcheon, Zinc Alloy £0.92
DF852Escutcheon, Inset ThreadedFrom £0.34
DH495EscutcheonFrom £0.80
DFZ056AZAS Security Escutcheon £16.10
DHM281AEuro Profile Escutcheon, DomeFrom £2.46
90052752Escutcheon, Standard Keyway, BrassFrom £1.92
DHM332AEuro Escutcheon, Steel LineFrom £3.66
DFC148ADesigner Euro EscutcheonFrom £4.86
90052782Escutcheon, Profile CylinderFrom £2.65
90052901Plain Escutcheon, Profile CylinderFrom £6.21
90451913FSB Escutcheons£15.31
90452914FSB EscutcheonsFrom £15.64
DFC135ASerozzetta Euro EscutcheonFrom £1.86
DFC139ASerozzetta M Euro EscutcheonFrom £2.14
DFC155AClassical Euro EscutcheonFrom £3.31
DFC157AClassical Standard EscutcheonFrom £3.31
DFC162AClassical Flat Standard EscutcheonFrom £1.70
DFC175ADelamain Euro EscutcheonFrom £4.85
DFC178ADelamain Standard EscutcheonFrom £3.04
DFC307ASteelworx Escutcheon, EuroFrom £4.29
DFC328AContract Escutcheon, EuroFrom £2.18
DFC439ASerozzetta EscutcheonFrom £2.58
DFC449ADND EscutcheonFrom £3.57
DFC464AEurospec EscutcheonFrom £2.86
DFC465AEurospec EscutcheonFrom £2.86
90252000Escutcheon, Profile Cylinder, EuroFrom £30.19
90252020Escutcheon, Profile Cylinder, EuroFrom £18.76
90252042StarTec WING Accessories £3.66
90252057StarTec VIVA/SEVILLE Accessories £4.51
90252174Lever Handle EscutcheonFrom £1.50
90252316Startec CORFU/IFNI Escutcheon £8.74
90252319Startec SELMA/DUO/DUKE Escutcheon £8.74
90252528FSB1735 Escutcheon, Bronze £35.49
90252870Escutcheon, Profile CylinderFrom £4.38
90252880Escutcheon, Profile CylinderFrom £1.65
90055605Startec PVD Blank Escutcheon From £5.96
DFC482AEurospec EscutcheonFrom £1.47
DFZ005AFulton & Bray EscutcheonFrom £3.09
DFZ009AFulton & Bray EscutcheonFrom £3.09
90251178FSB EscutcheonsFrom £25.78
DFZ011AFulton & Bray Victorian EscutcheonFrom £1.25
DFM118AEuro Profile Escutcheon From £3.96
DFM122AColonial Euro Profile Escutcheon From £3.34