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Upcycling your furniture can be a rewarding job, but more than that, it can quickly turn into an enjoyable hobby, or even a career...
One of the best ways to add interest to a home or office construction project is to be innovative in the way you use mirror fittings...
Ensuring that components are securely connected is a must for anyone in the hardware business...
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HIC116CEnduromax Triple Knuckle HingeFrom £11.10
HIC117BEnduromax Triple Knuckle Proj HingeFrom £13.58
HIC124BEnduromax Thrust Bearing HingeFrom £10.11
HIC131DEnduro Ball Bearing Hinge,316 SteelFrom £5.09
HIC141BEnduro Rising Butt Hinge£11.23
HIC138AEnduro Ball Bearing Hospital Hinge£10.43
HI1301LStraight Hook and BandFrom £13.65
HI1225RHi-Load Double Cranked Storm HingeFrom £56.00
HIC129AEnduromax Lift Off Thrust HingeFrom £34.10
HIC128AEnduromax Lift Off Thrust HingeFrom £8.60
HIC130AEnduromax Lift Off Thrust HingeFrom £8.10
HIC134AEnduro Ball Bearing HingeFrom £3.92
HIC135AEnduro Ball Bearing HingeFrom £5.73
HIC147AParliament HingeFrom £13.90
HIC142AEnduro Ball Bearing HingeFrom £3.41
HI1301QCountry Cranked Hook and Band£15.18
HI1225Stormproof Butt HingeFrom £12.91
HI1301Heavy Reversible HingeFrom £9.60
92681009Cranked Folded Eye BandFrom £20.65
92681039Medium Pattern Tee HingeFrom £1.78
92681079Straight Folded Eye BandFrom £20.30
92683133Tee Hinge, Medium Pattern, SteelFrom £1.24
92685163Tee Hinge, Medium Pattern, SteelFrom £0.83
92687030Tee Hinge, Stainless SteelFrom £38.32
92687060Strap Hinge, Stainless SteelFrom £64.14
92689114Storm Proof Cranked Hinge, BrassFrom £5.85
HI1301QCountry Cranked Hook and Band£8.72
HI1326Handforged T Hinge From £14.89
HIC118AEnduromax Full Leaf HingeFrom £8.82
HIC119AEnduromax Journal Support HingeFrom £8.57
HIC120AEnduromax Journal Support HingeFrom £11.91
HIC121AEnduromax Parliament HingeFrom £24.43
HIC125AEnduromax Thrust Bearing HingeFrom £4.24
HIC126AEnduromax Thrust Bearing HingeFrom £5.76
HIC127AEnduromax Thrust Bearing HingeFrom £16.08
HIC132AEnduro Ball Bearing Hinge,316 SteelFrom £10.05
HIC136AEnduro Ball Bearing Hinge, Grade 13From £5.41
HIC137AEnduro Ball Bearing Security HingeFrom £7.54
HIC139AEnduro Slim Knuckle HingeFrom £2.77
HIC140AEnduro Contract Ball Bearing HingeFrom £3.84
92681069Heavy Pattern Tee Hinge£34.61
91156015HD Brass Storm Proof Cranked HingeFrom £4.02
HIC144APlain HingeFrom £6.62
HIC160ACE Bearing Hinge, Grade 14From £8.38
HIC161ATriple Knuckle Concealed HingeFrom £29.41
HI1206Snake HingeFrom £0.64
92680019Heavy Pattern Reversible Hinge From £34.06
92687020Strap Hinge Pin, Stainless Steel£59.33
92687022Strap Hinge Pin, Stainless Steel£52.84