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Hart Wholesale | Safety Equipment | Face Protection

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00748686Replacement Gas Filter CartridgesFrom £11.66
00749200Banded Ear Plugs, Jazz Band Style£7.32
00749401Ear Plug DispenserFrom £52.41
00748280Disposable Fine-Dust Mask+ValveFrom £56.72
00749110Ear Defenders, Softcoat Material£22.89
00749220Disposable Foam Ear Plugs£8.38
00749300Dispenser Wall Mounting Bracket£6.13
00748092Wraparound Safety Specs£3.05
00748292Disposable 1 Strap Fine-Dust Mask£3.46
00748642Disposable Fold Flat P2 Dust Mask£436.99
00748643Disposable P2 Fine-Dust Mask£1.24
PPE116AFit For The Job Face Masks£6.30
PPE118AProfessional Half Mask Respirator£44.06
PPE120AProfessional Respirator Cartridges £7.52
PPE121AEar Plugs £0.10
PPE123ABlackrock Wraparound Safety Glasses£9.52
00748010Vagus Safety Glasses £2.57
00748120Ergo Safety Glasses £9.25
00748283Moldex Disposable Mask FFP2 £3.65
00748330Moldex Disposable Mask FFP3 £6.20
00748650Moldex Compact Half Mask £25.94
00748660Moldex Compact Half Mask £37.24
00748670Moldex P3 Particle Filter £14.27
00748740Moldex A1 Replacement Gas Filter £16.24
00748750Moldex A2 Replacement Gas Filter £13.35
00748760Moldex A1B1E1K1 Gas Filter £15.21
00748770Moldex P2 Particle Filter £8.58
00749240Moldex Pura-Fit to go Earplugs £0.24
PPE123ABlackrock Wraparound Safety Glasses£3.31
PPE117AFFP2 Valved RespiratorFrom £6.45
00749241Moldex M5 Ear Defenders £25.91

In and around various building sites or even in some places of work there can be harmfull dust, chemicals and particles that can effect breathing and damage your face and eyes. Our wholesale stock of face protection masks, respirators, particle filters, disposable dust masks, gas filter cartridges, wraparound safety glasses and goggles provide users with plenty of protection to prevent injuries and accidents from happening.