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Whether you're working on a renovation or a construction site, it's always important to go in prepared...
In many new build homes and those that have been designed to modern standards, it can be difficult to put your mark on your property, turning a house into a home...
Bored with your kitchen but can't afford a complete makeover? Here are some quick and simple ways to update your kitchen from off the peg to bespoke with a few simple design and DIY tricks...

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00007815Festool EHL65E Spiral Planer Blade£16.33
00049048Festool Saw Blade for Laminates£118.76
00049062Festool Circular Saw Parallel Stop£45.28
00049081Festool Universal Saw Blade£63.01
00049178Festool FSZ Screw Clamp£36.74
00049187Festool FSV Connecting Piece£16.07
00049190FS Guide Rail Carry Bag£66.46
00050116Festool KS120 Mitre Saw Accessories£151.03
00050117Festool KS120 Mitre Saw Accessories£181.13
00060677Festool PSB300 EQ-PLUS Jigsaw£327.94
00060678Festool PS300 EQ-PLUS Jigsaw£327.94
00060938Festool Trion Jigsaw Splinter guard£11.20
00070726Jigsaw Blade, Type S75/2.5£11.93
00070819Jigsaw Blade, Type HS75/2.5 biR£21.05
00142040Festool Centrotec Centering Drill£64.78
00166526Festool BPC15Li 3.0Ah Battery Pack£165.92
00166528Festool BPS15.6S 3.0Ah Battery Pack£163.83
00166529Festool BP-XS 1.5Ah Battery Pack£107.27
00166581Festool FastFix DD-AS Angled Chuck£97.22
00166622Festool CXS Cordless Drill£356.79
00215075Festool OF1010EBQ+ Plunge Router£522.98
00216012Festool OFK700 Edge Trimmer£641.57
00503002Festool BS75E Belt Sander, 240V£499.80
00511610Rotex RO125FEQ+GB Eccentric Sander£597.70
00640323Festool Magnetic Bit Holder£11.74
00689202Festool DF500 Domino Biscuit Joiner£937.71
00689209Festool DF700EQ+GB Domino Jointer£1289.93
00689210Festool DF500 Machine Stop£47.83
00689220Festool Cross Stop for DF500/700£46.67
00806524Festool Systainer Trolley£82.66
00806811Festool Sortainer SYS3 Sort£127.05
00806860Festool Systainer with Inserts£75.01
00875280Festool SYSLITE KAL GB Work Light£195.17
00060614Festool Pendulum Carvex JigsawFrom £627.25
00060618Festool Pendulum Carvex JigsawFrom £733.22
00060622Festool Pendulum Carvex JigsawFrom £733.22
00222010Festool KB-KA 65 SYS Edge Trim Set £410.10
00222011Festool LP-KA65 Perforated Top £138.98
00222012Festool AP-KA65 Adapter Plate £331.22
00222013Festool KSP-KA65 Magazine £51.14
00222014Festool KP 65/2 Trimming Machine £154.47
00222020Festool Module Edge Router £443.71
00222100Festool Vacuum Pump, Clamping Unit £1349.40
00806000Sys-Roll 100 Systainer Trolley £154.35
00806010Festool SYS-TB-1 Systainer Tool Box £42.93
00806020Festool SYS-SB Systainer Box £95.29
00806030Festool SYS-MFT Mobile Work Bench £68.36
00060617Festool Pendulum Carvex Jigsaw £547.05
00511400Festool ES125EQ Eccentric SanderFrom £45.53
00166576Festool Sys Centrotec Accessories £487.08
00689-0006Festool DF500 Domino Biscuit Joiner £825.68
00689-0007Festool DF700 Domino Biscuit Joiner £1164.94
00729250Festool SURFIX Oil Dispenser £40.44
00729251Festool SURFIX Oil Dispenser £40.44
00729252Festool SURFIX Oil Dispenser £40.44
00729253Festool SURFIX SYS3 Oil Dispenser £194.94
00853330Festool CTL Mobile Dust Extractor £384.85
00511430Festool ETS150/3EQ Eccentric Sander£51.16
00007802Festool EHL65E Planer, One HandedFrom £370.51
00049052Festool Fine-Tooth Saw BladeFrom £78.58
00049151Festool MFT1080 Guide RailFrom £59.83
00049216Festool TS55R Circular SawFrom £600.75
00050100Festool KS120EB Compound Mitre SawFrom £1525.64
00060177Jigsaw Blade, Type HS105/1.2From £10.33
00060610Festool Pendulum Carvex Jigsaw£382.50
00060612Festool Pendulum Carvex Jigsaw£436.07
00215007OF2200 EB-Plus RouterFrom £1385.98
00215690Festool DF500 Domino Cutter BitFrom £31.32
00222001Festool CONTURO KA 65 Edge BanderFrom £2843.64
00309000Festool EVA AdhesiveFrom £106.71
00511370Rotex RO150FEQ Eccentric SanderFrom £713.58
00511658Festool RS200EQ Orbital SanderFrom £41.14
00511965Festool Stickfix SandpaperFrom £40.12
00688131Festool Domino Cutter for DF700From £44.52
00806850Festool SystainerFrom £53.26
00166561Festool Ti15 Impact ScrewdriverFrom £309.33
00517502Festool Stickfix STF Sanding Paper From £23.34
00049164Festool Gecko£62.89
00049199Festool Saw Splinter Guard£13.01
00049241Festool TS75 Circular Saw£769.03
00517018Festool RS400EQ Orbital Sander£23.78
00517226Festool RS400EQ Orbital Sander£115.12

This is our page bringing you several power tools and accessories that can be used to undertake a wide variety of building tasks. They are well known for their high performance and reliable products. Our stock list includes mitre saws, impact screwdrivers, chucks, clamps, jigsaws, plunge routers, cordless drills and much more. If however, you are unsure which of these tools will perform the job you require, why not get in touch with our sales team.