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Finger Plates   Back to Door Furniture

If you have landed here looking for a place to purchase door finger plates then look no further. We offer an extensive collection of plates in a wide variety of colours and materials.

You will also find many different types of finger plate designs in this section stretching from flat sheet & classical to larger & older period push plates. Protect and preserve your door today from impacts, smudges and dirt.

FPC113EFinger PlateFrom £2.56
98714949Push Plate, Radius Corners£8.37
98714979Push Plate, Radius Corners£13.60
90168237Push Plate, Radius CornersFrom £14.38
90169270Push PlateFrom £1.99
98714830Push Plate, Radius CornersFrom £4.93
98715011Push Plate, AcrylicFrom £2.39
98715016Push Plate, AcrylicFrom £4.73
98723127Push Plate, Radius CornersFrom £3.20
FPC105AClassical Finger PlateFrom £9.92
FPC112ASteelworx Finger PlateFrom £4.00
HAC244AOrnate Finger PlateFrom £51.52
90168838Push Finger Plate, Stainless steel£5.58
98723157Push Plate, Radius Corners£5.65
DH480Victorian Round Top Finger Plate£5.94
DH481Fancy Finger Plate£4.14
DH483Georgian Finger PlateFrom £3.41
DH509Finger Plate£1.30
DH5091Finger Plate£1.40
DH5092Finger Plate£3.28
DH50935Finger Plate£1.87
DH509AFinger Plate£7.52
DH509BFinger Plate£2.16
DH571I1Push Plate£14.23
DHM160AGeorgian Rope Shaped Fingerplate£11.73
DHM226AStaffordshire Fingerplate£9.94
DHM230AStaffordshire Fingerplate£14.51
FPC101ADelamain Finger Plate£14.46
FPC102ADelamain Finger Plate£17.37
FPC103AClassical Queen Anne Finger Plate£14.00
FPC104AClassical Flat Sheet Finger Plate£5.84
FPC106AClassical Shaped End Finger Plate£23.12
FPC107APeriod Trellis Finger Plate£25.60
FPC109APeriod Art Nouveau Finger Plate£23.50
FPC110APeriod Cherub Finger Plate£21.07
FPC111APeriod Old English Finger Plate£22.55
HAC238ALarge Push Plate£52.10
HAC240AEngraved Push Plate£65.39
HAC242ALaurin Finger Plate£44.22
98723160Push Plate£3.58
DH571FFinger PlateFrom £3.66
DH571I2Finger Plate, Radiused Corners £6.94
DH506RRadius Push PlateFrom £2.06
DH479AVictorian Finger PlateFrom £18.45
DFC511ALudlow Push Plate £17.22
90169070Push Plate, Square Corners £4.14
DFZ016AFulton & Bray Finger PlateFrom £21.57
DFM133AShaped FingerplateFrom £8.29
DFM134AFingerplateFrom £14.80
DFM135AFingerplateFrom £7.63
DFM139APorcelain Shaped FingerplateFrom £9.94
DHM161AShaped FingerplateFrom £8.29
DHM162AThick FingerplateFrom £14.80
DHM163AThin FingerplateFrom £7.63
DHM165AFingerplateFrom £63.89
DFF198APlain Fingerplate From £1.76
DFF199AEngraved Fingerplate From £4.06
DFF280AEngraved Fingerplate From £4.06
DFF281ARaised Plain Fingerplate From £14.42
DFF282AFlat Shaped Fingerplate £6.47
DFF283AGeorgian Fingerplate £15.71
DHF192AReeded Fingerplate From £16.08
FPF120Porcelain Finger Plate From £8.27
HAF170Raised Shaped Fingerplate £14.70
DFF216AFinger Plate, Radius CornerFrom £4.50
DFF222AChatsworth/Blenheim Finger Plate From £41.23
DFZ061AZAS Finger PlateFrom £4.59
DFZ062AZAS Finger PlateFrom £2.72
DFZ063AZAS Finger PlateFrom £1.22
DFZ096AZAA Finger PlateFrom £2.43