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One of the best ways to add interest to a home or office construction project is to be innovative in the way you use mirror fittings...
Ensuring that components are securely connected is a must for anyone in the hardware business...
When it comes to designing a show home, it can be tempting to go with appearance over functionality...
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35636602Flap Hinge, 90°, Steel£2.38
37269990Cross Bar, Steel£31.23
37269992Fitting Set for Framed Glass Door£10.38
37291499Flap Stay Opening Angle Restraint£0.53
37291599Flap Stay Adapter, Zinc Alloy£5.57
HI1286Pasteboard Stay £8.00
ST177AFolding StayFrom £0.47
ST2502Stay, Cam Action, SingleFrom £2.98
ST2502AStay, Cam ActionFrom £2.22
ST2506Stay, Lift Up Flap, MediumFrom £7.84
ST2507Stay, Square Box TopFrom £23.20
ST2509Stay, Square Case Top Box£24.00
ST2511Stay, Heavy Lid, Adjustable£18.02
ST2513Stay, Silent QuadrantFrom £35.84
ST3526Toy Box Soft-Down Stay, Heavy DutyFrom £17.07
ST3520Media Centre Soft-Close StayFrom £7.70
64312201Tavoflex Swing-Up Table Top Fitting £47.42
ST2505Friction Stay £39.60
ST2504Friction Stay £63.01
34273610Kimana Flap Hinge 90° £7.30
ST2503Stay, Quadrant FrictionFrom £8.00
ST3521Soft-Close Stay, Lift-UpFrom £7.70
ST2500Stay, Table Flap, SprungFrom £9.68
37237044Adapter for Flaps £2.28
37237060Angle Restraint £1.60
36110800Flap Stay, Steel £1.62
37233050Free Up Drilling Jig £36.16
37234050Free Swing Drilling Jig £21.36
37264893Free Drilling Jig £50.70
37291023Free Flap Drilling Jig £19.82
37250531Flap Fitting Lift Mechanism,PlasticFrom £17.64
00299032Button Cell Battery £0.88
34878320Tiomos Flap Hinge, 90° From £4.82
34878330Tiomos Flap Hinge, 90° From £7.60
34878340Tiomos Flap Hinge Cover Cap From £0.44
34878341Tiomos Flap Hinge Linear Adapter From £0.53
36580846Slow Flap Stay, Steel £1.17
37233080Free Up E, E-Drive Cover Cap From £8.17
37233090Free Up E Replacement Arm From £16.14
37233687Free Up/Swing E Cross Bar From £2.34
37234080Free Swing E, E-Drive Cover Cap From £7.16
37234090Free Swing E Replacement Arm £16.35
37237090Push Button Sender Adapter £2.96
37237099Free E-Drive, Supplementary £361.64
37238040Free Fold E, E-Drive Cover Cap From £7.85
37291080Free Flap E-Drive 3.15E, Cover Cap From £7.93
37291097Push Button Sender, Replacement £31.22
37291098Free E-Drive Driver £40.78
37291099Free Flap 1.7/3.15 E-Drive £405.17
37291444Free Flap E-Drive 1.7E, Cover Cap From £7.93
35636600Swing Up Flap Hinge, 90°From £1.98
36510728Flap Stay, SteelFrom £0.95
36673104Flexible Flap Stay, PlasticFrom £6.13
37217753Fall-Ex Flap Stay, SteelFrom £16.27
37228600Free Flap H 1.5 One SidedFrom £10.98
37233500Free Up Parallel Lift UpFrom £37.01
37233680FreeUp Parallel Front Fitting CoverFrom £3.12
37233692Cross Rail, AluminiumFrom £1.66
37234500Free Swing Up Front FittingFrom £32.30
37234680SwingUp Front Fitting CoverFrom £3.12
37238000Free Fold Lift Up Flap Fitting SetFrom £57.11
37238031LiftUp Free Fold Flap Fitting CoverFrom £0.36
37238500Free Fold Lift Up Flap FittingFrom £34.76
37239600Free Flap H 1.5 One SidedFrom £4.42
37246800Kinvaro T-65/T-70 Flap FittingFrom £36.28
37264796Senso Connecting Hinge, Zinc AlloyFrom £5.81
37289541Kinvaro S-35 Lift Up Flap FittingFrom £112.22
37290521Kinvaro F-20 Folding Flap FittingFrom £104.34
37291320Free Flap Stay 1.7 Complete SetFrom £25.95
37291330Free Flap Stay 3.15 Complete SetFrom £33.92
37291480Door Catch for Drilled HoleFrom £2.50
37291483Door Catch for Screw FixingFrom £2.77
37382001Flap Stay, Gas SpringFrom £4.41
50443990Swing Up Flap Hinge, 180N, SteelFrom £4.60
ST3512Door holder, LockingFrom £31.33
ST3524Toy Box Soft-Down Stay, Light DutyFrom £11.63
STS001ASoft Down Stay, Zinc AlloyFrom £10.11
STS002ASoft Down Stay, Zinc AlloyFrom £8.37
STS003ASoft Down Stay Face PlateFrom £3.20
STS004ASoft Down Stay, Short ArmFrom £7.78
STS005ASoft Down Stay, Adjustable, DownFrom £7.15
STS007ASoft Down Stay, Adjustable, TopFrom £7.04
STS008ASoft Down Stay, Adjustable, UpFrom £7.22
STS009ASoft Down Stay, Heavy Duty, DownFrom £11.89
STS010ASoft Down Stay, Heavy Duty, TopFrom £11.31
STS011ASoft Down Stay, Heavy Duty, UpFrom £17.71
STS012ASoft Down Stay Mounting PlateFrom £1.31
STS014ABi-Fold Arm Mounting PlateFrom £7.42
STS015AVertical Swing Lift-Up MechanismFrom £60.70
STS018AOver-Top Door Flipper Soft CloseFrom £5.57
STS019AOver-Top Door Flipper Soft CloseFrom £20.82
STS020AOver-Top Door Flipper Lift AssistFrom £21.34
STS021AFlap Stay, DownwardFrom £7.87
36560770Flap Stay, Steel £1.24
37252700Lift Up Fitting£32.65
STS016ALift Assist MechanismFrom £63.06
STS017ALift Assist Mechanism Mount PlateFrom £2.35
50443920Swing Up Flap Hinge, 180N, Steel£4.74
ST3522NSDX-10 Soft-Down StayFrom £7.15
STS006ASoft Down Stay Mounting PlateFrom £0.51
STS013AHorizontal Bi-Fold Door MechanismFrom £60.18
ST3522VNSDX-35 Soft-Down StayFrom £8.08
ST3522SNSDX-20 Soft-Down Stay and plateFrom £8.72
36575710Economy Flap Stay £1.45
37267796StratoVerso Mounting Bracket, Steel £24.56
36633830Flap Stay, Brass£45.87
36586713Dorana-Stop Flap Stay, Steel £2.31
ST2508AHDS-10KL Soft-Down StayFrom £11.58
ST25013Stay, Folding JointFrom £1.53
ST3525Toy Box Soft-Down Stay, AdjustableFrom £8.03

This is our flap stays section where we aim to provide our users with only the highest quality products on the market. Our wholesale stock includes flexible, slow close, lift up fittings, and several other mechanisms such as soft close.