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93712000Door Stop, Oval ShieldedFrom £0.72
93741102Door Stop, Floor mountedFrom £3.89
93742402Door Stop, Floor MountedFrom £1.35
93750200FSB3816 Door Stop, Floor MountedFrom £26.14
93751701Door StopFrom £5.61
93756200Square Door StopFrom £25.21
93791703Door Stop, Floor MountedFrom £0.21
93791902Bedroom Door Stop, PlasticFrom £3.75
93806002Floor Door Stop and Holder, BrassFrom £70.28
DF790IZAS Door Stop, Floor MountedFrom £2.61
DF841ADoor StopFrom £7.68
DF841CDoor Stop, Round Ring BufferFrom £2.56
DF841PDoor Stop, Floor MountedFrom £2.34
DF842ADoor Stop, Hooded OvalFrom £0.85
DFC488AOval Door Stop, Floor MountedFrom £2.00
DFF103AFloor Mounted Door StopFrom £4.95
DFF104AFloor Mounted Oval Door StopFrom £3.02
DFF132AFloor Mounted Door StopFrom £2.58
DFF217ADome Top Door StopFrom £4.73
DFF383ACylinder Door Stop, Floor MountedFrom £2.49
DFF384ADome Door Stop, Floor MountedFrom £2.49
DFZ066AZAS Door Stop, OvalFrom £1.30
DFZ079AZAB Door Stop, OvalFrom £2.08
DFZ080AZAB Door Stop, Budget OvalFrom £1.26
DFZ081AZAB Door Stop, RoundFrom £1.26
DSC104AClassical Oval Door StopFrom £2.00
DSC105AClassical Door StopFrom £3.04
DSC108BSteelworx Floor Mounted Door StopFrom £4.64
DSC109ASteelworx Floor Mounted Door StopFrom £6.40
DSC110ASteelworx Floor Mounted Door StopFrom £3.20
DFM112ADoor Stop, Floor Mounted, OvalFrom £2.22
DFM168ADoor Stop, Floor Mounted, RoundFrom £2.70
DFM169ADoor Stop, Floor Mounted, SquareFrom £7.20
DFM170ADoor Stop, Floor MountedFrom £13.51
DFZ067AZAB Door Stop, Portable, CylinderFrom £7.20
93741308Door Stop, Floor Mounted£1.67
93752000Door Stop, Floor Mounted£10.71
93752060Door Stop, Floor Mounted£3.28
93761301Door Stop, Floor mounted£1.17
93761501Door Stop, Floor Mounted£0.88
93785600Puck Door Stop, Stainless Steel£52.88
93809000Door Holder and Stop, Non-locking£68.58
93809001Door Holder and Stop, Locking£134.36
93826000Door Holder and Stop, Locking£168.47
DFF121AOval Door Stop £1.50
DH790JDoor Stop, Oval Shield£2.59
DSC103AClassical Round Door Stop£3.01
DSC114ADoor Stop, Floor Mounted£5.38
DSC115ADoor Stop, Floor Mounted£3.84
DFF235AFloor Mounted Stop £2.55
93762701Door Stop, Floor Mounted £0.48
93796107Door Stop, Floor Fixing £0.24
93761401Door Stop, Floor Mounted £83.25
DF790JZAS Door Stop, Floor Mounted £3.28
DF790KZAS Door Stop, Floor Mounted £5.33
DFZ064AZAS Door Stop, Oval £2.99
DFZ065AZAS Door Stop, Oval £1.86
DFZ068AZAS Door Stop, Floor Mounted £2.35
DFZ069AZAS Door Stop, Floor Mounted £2.82
DFZ070AZAS Door Stop, Floor Mounted £2.35
DFZ093AZAA Door Stop, Oval £1.50
93751740Door Stop, Floor Mounted£5.35
93802300Door Holder, Sprung Magnetic£203.25
DF842DSDoor Stop, Shielded Oval£1.60
DFC486AEurospec Door Stop, Floor Mounted £0.78
93814004Floor Door Holder, Brass£63.84
DFF304ADoor Stop, Shielded £0.85
DFF305ADoor Stop, Cylindrical £4.81

Check out our range of floor mounted door stops in the grid above. These are excellent solutions for protecting your furniture and walls from doors swinging into them too hard. Our selection is stylish and offers tons of variety in shapes, colours and materials.