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Typically used for decorative purposes, veneer is usually a thin sheet of wood that can help to transform surfaces such as flooring...
LED tape is an incredibly simple but effective way to bring more light into your home...
A mortice lock is fitted inside the door itself and can be used on doors of different materials...
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DFZ018AFulton & Bray Sunk Slide Flush BoltFrom £33.41
DFZ019AFulton & Bray Lever Action Flush BoFrom £63.77
DFZ052AZAS Lever Action Flush BoltFrom £6.38
DFZ095AZAA Lever Action Flush BoltFrom £3.60
BO1020FArchitectural Flush Bolt£9.53
BO10AFlush BoltFrom £1.40
BOF104ALever Action Flush BoltFrom £5.62
BOF101ALever Action Flush BoltFrom £6.08
BOF103ALever Action Flush BoltFrom £3.46
BOF105ASlide Action Flush BoltFrom £3.68
DFZ037AVier Slide Action Flush Bolt £21.57
DFZ053AZAS Dust Excluding Socket £2.15
DFZ054AZAS Dust Excluding Socket £3.41
25300314Flush Furniture Bolt, SteelFrom £10.39
BOC103ALever Action Flush BoltFrom £8.21
BOC104ASunk Slide Flush BoltFrom £5.28
BOC114ASteelworx Lever Action Flush BoltFrom £9.90
BOC115AFlush Bolt, Lever ActionFrom £5.79
BOM109Flush Bolt From £11.47
91181140Mortice Lever Action Flush Bolt From £9.43
91181144Mortice Lever Action Flush Bolt From £10.38
91181148Easy Clean Socket £2.48
91181149Dust Excluding Socket, Sprung £8.30
91150756French Door Lock, Master Lock£63.69
91150757French Door Lock, Slave Lock£52.46
91150758French Door Lock, Centre Keep£8.27
91150759French Door Lock, Security Bolt£4.14
911507973 Point Security Shoot Bolt£4.84
911507983 Point Security Shoot Bolt KeepFrom £1.52
91161060Budget Lock, SteelFrom £1.24
91162013Lever Action Flush Bolt, BrassFrom £19.84
91162295Mortice Roller Catch, Nylon£2.50
91162034Fully Automatic Flush BoltFrom £154.20
91162430Sunk Slide Action Flush BoltFrom £17.02
91162552Lever Action Flush BoltFrom £7.61
91162556Sunk Slide Flush Bolt, BrassFrom £5.43
91162-0016Lever Action Flush Bolt, Brass£15.88

For added security to your entrances, why not consider gettings flush bolts installed. Our stocked range include lever & slide action, plus several styles and finishes allowing users to choose a design that fits the look of their door best.