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Hart Wholesale | Brackets & Shelving | Folding Brackets

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28742403Light Duty Hebgo Folding BracketFrom £46.72
28743400Heavy Duty Hebgo Folding BracketFrom £80.08
28748110Tikla Folding Table Bracket, SteelFrom £71.14
28754721Shopfitting Folding Bracket, SteelFrom £23.22
28755730Hinged Bracket, Adjustable, SteelFrom £12.36
28740105Light Duty Folding Bracket, SteelFrom £7.05
28747917Heavy Duty Hebgo Folding Bracket£57.12
28753936Tikla Folding Bench Bracket, Steel£55.01
BR259Folding Bracket, Enameled Steel£11.20

Here is our range of folding brackets for shelving, benches and many other installations. We stock various materials and finishes for every users needs, plus quite a few are adjustable so that users can meet positional guidelines.

If you are looking for something to hold light weight loads, we have a selection of light duty products that may be better suited for things like shelving. If you are currently looking for something that is both durable and heavy duty for things like benches our range of brackets can withstand heavier weight loads with ease. 

Whichever it is Hart Wholesale can help. If you have any questions about our collection, please do not hesitate to contact us.