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Whether you're working on a renovation or a construction site, it's always important to go in prepared...
In many new build homes and those that have been designed to modern standards, it can be difficult to put your mark on your property, turning a house into a home...
Bored with your kitchen but can't afford a complete makeover? Here are some quick and simple ways to update your kitchen from off the peg to bespoke with a few simple design and DIY tricks...

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LFM632AGeorgian Elite 2Way Dimmer Switch From £22.11
LFM632CGeorgian Elite 2Way Dimmer Switch From £34.76
LFM632EGeorgian Elite 2Way Dimmer Switch From £50.75
LFM632GGeorgian Elite 2Way Dimmer Switch From £61.25
LFM633AGeorgian Elite LV Dimmer Switch From £28.62
LFM633CGeorgian Elite LV Dimmer Switch From £40.77
LFM633EGeorgian Elite LV Dimmer Switch From £58.60
LFM633GGeorgian Elite LV Dimmer Switch From £68.31
LFM635AGeorgian Elite Blanking Plate £9.43
LFM635BGeorgian Elite Blanking Plate £11.55
LFM638AGeorgian Elite 5A Round Pin Socket From £18.99
LFM641EGeorgian Elite Sat Speaker/Socket From £12.71
LFM641GGeorgian Elite Sat Speaker/Socket From £33.87
LFM642AGeorgian Elite Tel/Data Socket From £15.04
LFM642EGeorgian Elite Tel/Data Socket From £28.89
LFM642IGeorgian Elite Tel/Data Socket From £20.32
LFM642KGeorgian Elite Tel/Data Socket From £28.89
LFM642MGeorgian Elite Tel/Data Socket From £20.32
LFM629AGeorgian Elite 10A Rocker SwitchFrom £11.10
LFM629CGeorgian Elite 10A Rocker SwitchFrom £14.13
LFM629EGeorgian Elite 10A Rocker SwitchFrom £18.41
LFM629GGeorgian Elite 10A Rocker SwitchFrom £25.22
LFM629IGeorgian Elite 10A Rocker SwitchFrom £16.69
LFM630AGeorgian Elite 13A Switched SocketFrom £14.06
LFM630CGeorgian Elite 13A Switched SocketFrom £19.56
LFM631AGeorgian Elite 13A Fused Spur UnitFrom £17.39
LFM631CGeorgian Elite 13A Fused Spur UnitFrom £18.35
LFM631EGeorgian Elite 13A Fused Spur UnitFrom £22.01
LFM631GGeorgian Elite 13A Fused Spur UnitFrom £27.62
LFM634AGeorgian Elite 20A DP SwitchFrom £16.44
LFM634CGeorgian Elite 20A DP SwitchFrom £18.87
LFM636AGeorgian Elite 45A Cooker SwitchFrom £30.94
LFM636CGeorgian Elite 45A Cooker SwitchFrom £28.00
LFM636EGeorgian Elite 45A Cooker SwitchFrom £42.37
LFM637AGeorgian Elite 6A 3Pole Fan SwitchFrom £18.44
LFM639AGeorgian Elite Shaver SocketFrom £42.37
LFM640AGeorgian Elite TV/Coaxial SocketFrom £14.52
LFM640EGeorgian Elite TV/Coaxial SocketFrom £21.85
LFM641AGeorgian Elite Sat Speaker/SocketFrom £18.70
LFM641CGeorgian Elite Sat Speaker/SocketFrom £27.49