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For those who have limited mobility, it can be important to be able to live with as much independence as possible...
Kitchen cabinets should be installed after the plumbing and rough wiring is done, but before the flooring has been installed...
Whether a gleaming oak floor or a smoothly painted and finished wall- these finishes are made possible by the application of sandpaper...

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91208202External Door Station,Flush mountedFrom £549.47
91208037Door Station, Surface MountedFrom £1415.11
91208119Door Station TX-44 Cover FrameFrom £11.52
91208507Home Station, Surface MountedFrom £67.27
91208009Door Station, Surface Mounted£248.24
91208071Door Station Call Button, Plastic£148.26
91208559Home Station TV Gateway£575.13
91208590Telephone Communication Gateway£252.14
91208900Additional Power Supply 24V DC 0.3A£74.75
91208901Additional Power Supply 24V DC 0.7A£87.43
91208910Video Control Device£448.57
91208911Audio Control Devic£176.07
91208912Switching Actuator£120.35
91208920Video Distributor£107.22
91208930Mounting Case for Control Devices£17.13
91208931Mounting Case for Control Devices£30.61
91208932Mounting Case for Control Devices£59.14
91791005Kaiser Drilling Template, Plastic£43.69
91791006Kaiser Cavity Wall Template,Plastic£0.90
91208017Door Station, Surface MountedFrom £237.27
91208027Door Station, Surface MountedFrom £1371.67
91208047Door Station, Flush MountedFrom £284.25
91208057Door Station, Flush MountedFrom £290.43
91208067Call Button Cover Plate, PlasticFrom £7.02
91208087Door Station Colour Day/NightCameraFrom £1106.52
91208221External Door Station,Flush mountedFrom £1753.57
91208407Door Station Keyless In KeypadFrom £299.63
91208417Door Station Transponder ReaderFrom £451.25
91208427Door Station Fingerprint ReaderFrom £749.68
91208527Home Station, Flush MountedFrom £174.82
91208537Home Station, Flush MountedFrom £150.71
91208547Home Station TFT Colour DisplayFrom £745.27
91208560Home Station Video TerminalFrom £1650.53