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82095012UK Switch and Socket BoxFrom £4.80
91208510Gira Esprit Cover FrameFrom £28.11
91208805Gira System Event Cover FrameFrom £6.78
91791002European Wall Box, PlasticFrom £0.50
91791004Wall Box, PlasticFrom £1.97
98550015E2 Cover Frame, ThermoplasticFrom £4.85
98550600Gira Socket Outlet Insert,Round PinFrom £10.90
98550640Gira 20A 1 Way Switch InsertFrom £9.48
98550642Gira 20A 1 Way Switch InsertFrom £19.13
98550650Gira 10A 3 Way Switch InsertFrom £15.87
98550652Gira 10A 3 Way Switch InsertFrom £21.25
98550654Gira 10A 3 Way Switch InsertFrom £23.66
98550660Gira 13A Fused OutletFrom £14.43
98550662Gira 13A Fused OutletFrom £24.11
98550670Gira System S45A Switch InsertFrom £21.48
98550680Gira 13A Socket InsertFrom £11.54
98550682Gira 13A Socket InsertFrom £12.59
98550684Gira 13A Socket InsertFrom £14.30
98550688Gira 13A Double Socket OutletFrom £12.41
98550691Gira 13A Double Socket OutletFrom £13.50
98550692Gira 13A Double Socket OutletFrom £16.69
98550700Gira USB Power SupplyFrom £3.98
98551025Gira 10A 2 Way Switch InsertFrom £17.95
98551045Gira Dimmer SwitchFrom £5.03
98551075Room Temperature Controller, 230VFrom £76.92
98551085Room Temperature Controller, 230VFrom £151.18
98551095Room Temperature Controller, 230VFrom £216.12
98551135Gira Antenna Socket, 2 ConnectionsFrom £4.21
98552310Gira E22 Cover FrameFrom £11.73
91208579Radio Controller Frame, Surface£31.77
91208589Radio Controller Frame, Flush£63.67
91791008Klemmfix, Plastic£0.53
98550900IP44 Sealing Set for Rocker Switch£3.61
98550910Gira 55 Adapter Support Ring£3.76
98551067Electronic Time Clock, 230V£192.13
98551900Switch Insert, Thermoplastic£6.56
98553140Stereo Loudspeaker Socket Outlet£18.90
98551100Gira Remote Sensor, Thermoplastic£23.19
98550515Event Cover Frame, Thermoplastic From £7.20
98551005Universal 1 Gang 2 Way SwitchFrom £11.77
98551017Intermediate SwitchFrom £18.30
98552010E22 Cover Frame, for Flat Mounting From £11.96
98552110E22 Device Box, ThermoplasticFrom £2.46
98552230E22 Flush-Mounted Box, for Masonry From £7.75