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15418701Glass Door Pull for 4-5mm£3.27
15427300Glass Door Pull for 6.7mm£0.48
32238690Hinge Adapter£1.69
32297720Cruciform Mounting Plate£0.42
36135200Glass Door Pivot Hinge 90°£2.28
36168300Glass Door Pivot Hinge 180°£4.35
36169310Glass Door Pivot Hinge 90°£0.94
36169320Glass Door Pivot Hinge 90°£1.58
36169390M10 Screw for Glass Door Hinge£0.17
36173500Mini Hinge 92°£2.82
36184701Glass Door Hinge 180°£9.94
36193240Glass Door Hinge Set 170°£5.45
36193242Glass Door Middle Hinge 170°£7.66
36196701Glass Door Hinge 210°£9.66
HI1231Glass Door Hinges£27.26
34844500TIOMOS 95° Glass Door Hinge £3.20
98100910StarTec Glass Door Patch Fitting £68.37
98100911StarTec Glass Door Patch Fitting £136.09
98100912StarTec Glass Door Patch Fitting £84.96
98100913StarTec Glass Door Patch Fitting £152.68
34840012TIOMOS Opening Angle Restraint 90° £0.43
34840074TIOMOS Mirro Adapter £1.71
34488700Glass Door Hinge Exposed Axel 180° £31.57
36170313Glass Door Hinge 92°, AdjustableFrom £3.02
36197600Glass Cabinet Door Hinge 170° £3.61
36142202Simplex Glass Door Hinge 110°From £0.90
32237330Standard 92° Glass Door HingeFrom £29.04
32237331Standard 92° Glass Door HingeFrom £30.35
32237332Standard 92° Glass Door HingeFrom £41.20
32238600Mirror HingeFrom £8.41
34841440TIOMOS Mirro Hinge 125°From £6.72
36171310Glass Door Hinge 92°From £2.08
36185609Glass Door Hinge 180°, Brass £12.63

Install our range of glass door hinges to allow your doors to swing open and shut safely and securely. Our hinges work well at many different angles and some are even adjustable. Among these hinges you will also find mounting and spacer plates plus screws and pulls.