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Glass Holders   Back to Bathroom Fittings

Instantly de-cluttering your basin and vanity space, tumblers and glass holders are a great storage solution available in a range of styles. 

The perfect compliment to your basin, Hart Wholesale's range of tumblers and glass holders provides a wealth of traditional and contemporary designs.

58013050Venice Tumbler Holder£14.10
98012092Tumbler and Holder Ø27, Brass£116.11
98012272Tumbler Holder Ø19, Brass£52.51
BFC114ADeLeau Tempo Tumbler Holder£20.00
BFC136ADeLeau Edwardian Tumbler Holder£35.07
BFC137ADeLeau Edwardian Tumbler Holder£61.30
BFC152ADeLeau Mezzo Single Tumbler Holder£16.45
BFC153ADeLeau Mezzo Double Tumbler Holder£21.58
BFC166ADeLeau Adagio Single TumblerHolder£18.18
BFC179ADeLeau Cadenza Tumbler Holder£19.15
BFC105ADeLeau Steel Single Tumbler HolderFrom £21.17
58013250Verona Double Tumbler Holder £10.46
58088060Romsey Tumbler and Holder £16.20
58088061Chester Tumbler and Holder £20.70
58088062Britannia Tumbler and Holder £27.00
98302002PROVENCE Tumbler Holder £5.63