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13114250Knob, Zemak with Tempered Glass£6.10
HA1040Glass Knob, Gold Centre£41.12
10880507BYRON Flat Bar Handle, Zinc Alloy £10.51
13114200BYRON Knob, Zinc Alloy £5.88
HAF120ACut Cupboard Knob, AcrylicFrom £3.63
HA3047Glass Cut Flower Knob£2.54
HA3050Glass Knob£4.56
HA3048Cambridge Drop Handle £2.54
13960-0019COLERIDGE Furniture Knob £30.61
13960-0020COLERIDGE Furniture Knob £30.61
13960-0021COLERIDGE GRANDE Furniture Knob £30.61
13960-0022COLERIDGE GRANDE Furniture Knob £30.61
13960-0023ELSA Swarovski Furniture Handle £25.51
13960-0024ELSA Swarovski Furniture Knob £21.25
13960-0025ELSA Swarovski Furniture Peg £12.75
DHZ086AFulton & Bray Glass Ball KnobFrom £3.74
DHZ087AFulton & Bray Glass Facetted KnobFrom £4.68
DHZ088AFulton & Bray Frosted Glass KnobFrom £4.68
13960400PRIMROSE KnobFrom £6.70
HAF232ACrystal Cabinet Knob, Cylinder £24.96
HAF233ACrystal Cabinet Knob, Wedge £26.81
HAF234ACrystal Cabinet Knob, Drop £24.96
HAF235ACrystal Cabinet Knob, Cone £21.26
HAF236ACrystal Cabinet Knob, Cluster From £29.77
HAF237ACrystal Cabinet Knob, Blue, Timer £24.85
HAF238ACrystal Cabinet Knob, Blue,Cylinder £26.07
HAF239ACrystal Cabinet Knob, Blue, Split £26.07
HAF240ACrystal Cabinet Knob, Tab £77.36
HAF241ACrystal Cabinet Knob, Cone £12.07
HAF242ACrystal Cabinet Knob, Cylinder £12.07
DHF267AGlass Cupboard Knob, Oval From £5.53
DHF268AGlass Plain Cupboard Knob, Amber From £3.78
DHF269AGlass Plain Cupboard Knob, Black From £3.58
DHF270AGlass Plain Cupboard Knob, Blue From £3.58
DHF271AGlass Plain Cupboard Knob, Green From £3.58
DHF272AGlass Plain Cupboard Knob, Purple From £3.78
DHF273AGlass Faceted Cupboard Knob, Amber From £4.06
DHF274AGlass Faceted Cupboard Knob, Black From £3.99
DHF275AGlass Faceted Cupboard Knob, Blue From £3.91
DHF276AGlass Faceted Cupboard Knob, Green From £3.91
DHF277AGlass Faceted Cupboard Knob, Purple From £4.06
HAF117AGlass Faceted Cupboard Knob From £4.64
HAF118AGlass Ball Cupboard Knob From £3.84
HAF119AGlass Pumpkin Cupboard Knob From £5.82
HAF121ACrystal Cabinet Knob From £19.13
HAF122ACrystal Cabinet Knob, Top From £12.85
HAF123ACrystal Cabinet Knob, Block From £118.31
HAF124ACrystal Cabinet Knob, Spot From £67.95
HAF125ACrystal Cabinet Knob, Ring From £125.25
HAF126ACrystal Cabinet Knob, Cap From £110.92
HAC197ALead Crystal Clear Faceted KnobFrom £8.70
HAC198ALead Crystal Clear Ball KnobFrom £7.81
HAC504ACrystal Cabinet KnobFrom £3.65
HAC505ACrystal Cabinet KnobFrom £5.09
HAC506ACrystal Cabinet KnobFrom £3.41

Here at Hart Wholesale we understand that the way your room and furniture is presented can affect the look and feel of a room as a whole. That is why we stock some glass cabinet knobs with some truly unique designs.

Our stock offers customers a extreme amount of variety in shapes and design. The main shapes we provide include square, cylinders, and round. They offer some fantastic designs for both modern and even older cabinets that need some spicing up.

If you are unsure about anything in relation to our selection of glass knobs, contact us today for some advice.