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Typically used for decorative purposes, veneer is usually a thin sheet of wood that can help to transform surfaces such as flooring...
LED tape is an incredibly simple but effective way to bring more light into your home...
A mortice lock is fitted inside the door itself and can be used on doors of different materials...

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GLU022AStixall Extreme Power AdhesiveFrom £4.06
GLU023AGlue Sticks, Hot MeltFrom £3.73
00300045Waterproof PU Timber Adhesive£6.53
00304009General Purpose Superglue£1.78
00304010Adhesive Accelerator Aerosol£3.60
00304015MitreBond Activator Pen£5.82
00304136Surface Activator£19.66
00309325Bondit Contact Adhesive£12.20
00309326Bondit Contact Spray Adhesive£4.89
00317030PVA Adhesive, Water Resistant, D4£7.27
00350092Saves Nails Solvent Free£1.37
00350095Bondit Gripbond£2.88
00350102PU5 Rapid Set Wood Adhesive£6.63
00359090One Hit Wonder Lightweight Filler£6.28
GLU008ASuper Wood Glue £7.60
GLU010AArbo Grip Adhesive £2.41
00317020Premium Grade PVA AdhesiveFrom £4.29
GLU013AThixofix Contact Adhesive£52.27
GLU014ASupa-Tape Glue RollFrom £4.98
GLU015AAlpha PVA Wood Adhesive£21.15
GLU016AWoodbond D4 Glue £5.97
GLU019APink Grip, Dry Fix £7.34
GLU026AStick2 Spray Contact Adhesive£6.70
GLU030AGlue 502 Wood Adhesive, 5L£19.58
GLU034A502 All Purpose Wood Adhesive £19.58
GLU012ATuff Lock MDFFrom £2.32
GLU038ASa90 Spray Glue £4.00
GLU018APink Grip, Strong Glue From £1.97
GLU025AStick2 Thixotropic Contact AdhesiveFrom £38.91
GLU009BClear Fix Polymer Adhesive £6.38
GLU018BPink Grip, Wood Bond D4 £5.17
GLU041Clam Peel £60.61
00350350Soudal T-Rex Solvent Based Adhesive £2.36
00350360Soudal T-Rex Solvent Free Adhesive £2.95
00350554TensorGrip L21 Non-MECL Web Spray £290.88
00352052Surface Bonder Xi £42.05
GLU029ASmart Tack Handy, Glue Spray£4.50
GLU009ABison Super Montafix£3.92
00304000Mitre Bonding Adhesive,Solvent FreeFrom £3.66
00317010PVA Adhesive, Contract GradeFrom £4.34
00320040Postforming Neoprene AdhesiveFrom £164.94
00350098Anchor BondFrom £11.45
00309320Contact Adhesive, Water BasedFrom £63.23
00352114Bondit Mega FoamFrom £5.56
00317001PVA Adhesive for Wood BondingFrom £5.76
GLU011ATitebond 111 Wood GlueFrom £8.87
GLU006ABison Contact AdhesiveFrom £1.86
GLU017APink Grip SF, Strong GlueFrom £1.54
GLU025Stick2 Contact AdhesiveFrom £7.38
GLU029ASmart Tack Handy, Glue Spray£6.98
GLU032ASmart Tack, Glue Spray TankFrom £165.92

Hart Wholesale should be your go to place for all your commercial, specialist and industrial glues. Their are very few places that offer the same amount of variety that we do. Our stock includes hot melt glue sticks, water resistant glues, sprays, rapid set wood glues, and plenty other adhesives that provide a solid sticking solution for any project.