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When it comes to designing a show home, it can be tempting to go with appearance over functionality...
Aventos lift systems provide an absolutely effortless way to open and close kitchen cabinets, as they open upwards no matter how heavy the cupboard door happens to be...
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a fundamental component of health and safety for any building environment...

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Ducting grilles range including diffusers, double & single deflection, egg crate, & non-vison transfer grilles.
56530837Slimline Airbrick Outlet Adaptor£4.08
57101701Ventilation Trim, Plastic£18.80
57105718Ventilation Trim, Plastic£11.42
57106706Ventilation Trim, Plastic£21.54
57109167Ventilation Trim, Plastic£10.99
57110700Ventilation Trim, Plastic£17.28
57125701Ventilation Trim, Plastic£3.12
57151201Ventilation Grill, Plastic£2.82
57152208Ventilation Grill, Plastic£3.90
57154211Ventilation Trim, Plastic£2.07
57161207Ventilation Grill, Plastic£1.82
57164717Ventilation Grill, Plastic£4.23
57167718Ventilation Grill, Plastic£4.09
57170706Ventilation Grill, Plastic£5.71
57502931Ventilation Grill, Aluminium£8.96
57509921Ventilation Grill, Anod. Aluminium£29.93
57510902Clip On Profile, Light Alloy£36.89
57512080Corner Connector, Aluminium£24.46
57512099Spring Clip, Stainless Steel£20.38
57512902Z-Frame Profile for Ventilation£85.44
57525937Ventilation Grill, Aluminium£24.19
57109767Ventilation Trim Grill, Plastic £10.99
57511903Ventilation Grill Crossbar £16.39
57155307Ventilation Grill, PlasticFrom £0.39
57524008Ventilation Grill, Aluminium£19.51
95919129Ventilation Grill, Louvre Type £14.38
95919229Ventilation Grill, Louvre Type £21.44
95919339Ventilation Grill, Louvre Type £31.90
56530127Fixed Louvre GrilleFrom £1.81
57103165Ventilation Trim, Recess, PlasticFrom £14.59
57127303Ventilation Trim, Recess, PlasticFrom £45.70
57154220Ventilation Grill, PlasticFrom £2.96
57164726Ventilation Grill, PlasticFrom £4.40
57180702Ventilation Grill, Fixed LouvreFrom £1.09
57404124Ventilation GrillFrom £45.29
57500919Ventilation Grill, AluminiumFrom £8.49
57501916Ventilation Grill, AluminiumFrom £8.36
57504113Ventilation Grill, AluminiumFrom £175.92
57505023Ventilation Grill, AluminiumFrom £16.15
57508924Ventilation Grill, Louvre TypeFrom £32.16
57513916Ventilation Grill, AluminiumFrom £10.57
57520111Ventilation Grill, Light AlloyFrom £4.50
57520112Ventilation Grill, AluminiumFrom £5.28
57524204Ventilation Grill, AluminiumFrom £197.73
57526934Ventilation Grill with Round HolesFrom £20.30
57527934Ventilation Grill with Square HolesFrom £26.13
57528934Ventilation Grill, AluminiumFrom £28.07
57541034StarTec Ventilation GrillFrom £43.10
57542034Ventilation Grill with Round Holes£64.44
57560901Ventilation Grill, Louvre TypeFrom £1.70
95912001StarTec Ventilation Grill, LouvreFrom £110.91
95919028Ventilation Grill, Louvre TypeFrom £18.78
95920009Louvred Air Transfer GrillFrom £10.02
57177107Ventilation Grill, PlasticFrom £4.58
57178104Ventilation Grill, PlasticFrom £5.50
57179000Ventilation Grill, Recess MountingFrom £1.46
57181704Ventilation Grill, Hit and Miss From £2.90