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One of the best ways to add interest to a home or office construction project is to be innovative in the way you use mirror fittings...
Ensuring that components are securely connected is a must for anyone in the hardware business...
When it comes to designing a show home, it can be tempting to go with appearance over functionality...

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Ducting grilles range including diffusers, double & single deflection, egg crate, & non-vison transfer grilles.
56530837Slimline Airbrick Outlet Adaptor£4.08
57101701Ventilation Trim, Plastic£18.80
57105718Ventilation Trim, Plastic£11.42
57106706Ventilation Trim, Plastic£21.54
57109167Ventilation Trim, Plastic£10.99
57110700Ventilation Trim, Plastic£17.28
57125701Ventilation Trim, Plastic£1.55
57151201Ventilation Grill, Plastic£2.82
57152208Ventilation Grill, Plastic£3.90
57154211Ventilation Trim, Plastic£2.07
57161207Ventilation Grill, Plastic£1.82
57164717Ventilation Grill, Plastic£4.23
57167718Ventilation Grill, Plastic£4.09
57170706Ventilation Grill, Plastic£5.71
57502931Ventilation Grill, Aluminium£8.96
57509921Ventilation Grill, Anod. Aluminium£29.93
57510902Clip On Profile, Light Alloy£36.89
57512080Corner Connector, Aluminium£24.46
57512099Spring Clip, Stainless Steel£20.38
57512902Z-Frame Profile for Ventilation£85.44
57525937Ventilation Grill, Aluminium£24.19
57109767Ventilation Trim Grill, Plastic £10.99
57511903Ventilation Grill Crossbar £16.39
57155307Ventilation Grill, PlasticFrom £0.39
57524008Ventilation Grill, Aluminium£19.51
95919129Ventilation Grill, Louvre Type £14.38
95919229Ventilation Grill, Louvre Type £21.44
95919339Ventilation Grill, Louvre Type £31.90
56530127Fixed Louvre GrilleFrom £1.81
57103165Ventilation Trim, Recess, PlasticFrom £14.59
57127303Ventilation Trim, Recess, PlasticFrom £45.70
57154220Ventilation Grill, PlasticFrom £2.96
57164726Ventilation Grill, PlasticFrom £4.40
57180702Ventilation Grill, Fixed LouvreFrom £1.09
57404124Ventilation GrillFrom £45.29
57500919Ventilation Grill, AluminiumFrom £8.49
57501916Ventilation Grill, AluminiumFrom £8.36
57504113Ventilation Grill, AluminiumFrom £175.92
57505023Ventilation Grill, AluminiumFrom £16.15
57508924Ventilation Grill, Louvre TypeFrom £32.16
57513916Ventilation Grill, AluminiumFrom £10.57
57520111Ventilation Grill, Light AlloyFrom £4.50
57520112Ventilation Grill, AluminiumFrom £5.28
57524204Ventilation Grill, AluminiumFrom £197.73
57526934Ventilation Grill with Round HolesFrom £20.30
57527934Ventilation Grill with Square HolesFrom £26.13
57528934Ventilation Grill, AluminiumFrom £28.07
57541034StarTec Ventilation GrillFrom £43.10
57542034Ventilation Grill with Round Holes£64.44
57560901Ventilation Grill, Louvre TypeFrom £1.70
95912001StarTec Ventilation Grill, LouvreFrom £110.91
95919028Ventilation Grill, Louvre TypeFrom £18.78
95920009Louvred Air Transfer GrillFrom £10.02
57177107Ventilation Grill, PlasticFrom £4.58
57178104Ventilation Grill, PlasticFrom £5.50
57179000Ventilation Grill, Recess MountingFrom £1.46
57181704Ventilation Grill, Hit and Miss From £2.90