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One of the biggest trends in 2017 - which looks set to continue throughout the coming months - is to design rooms in private properties and businesses with an “industrial” theme...
Open plan and sectioned living space is becoming increasingly popular, and sliding doors are a great way to help your clients achieve their desired mix of openness and fluidity whilst retaining privacy...
Whether you're working on a renovation or a construction site, it's always important to go in prepared...
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00370600Cutter St£50.78
00600464Plastic Mallet, Acetate/Ash£10.84
00602472Curved Claw Hammer£7.16
00613440Inomic VDE Diagonal Cutter£32.31
00613447Side Cutter£23.15
00628410Hafele Allen Key Set, 7 Pieces£17.31
00630441Screwdriver Set£71.01
00636752Punch Tool£28.50
00637221Pozi Torsion Bit, Short£0.63
00637250Universal Bit Holder£10.31
00790150Gorilla Gripper£61.04
00828390TORX Key Set, MagicSpring, 7 Pieces£22.38
00828426HEX Key Set, Ball Ended, MagicRing£25.83
SF2438Inserter Gun for Wall Anchors£7.01
TOO312AVirutex Hand EdgebanderFrom £350.91
TOO314AVirutex End Trimmer£31.20
TOO315ARoughneck Door and Board Lifter£17.59
TOO317ARoughneck Heavy-Duty Caulking Gun£14.37
TOO318AGorilla GripperFrom £44.20
TOO319AGorilla Bar£30.88
TOO320ARoughneck Crowbar£7.60
TOO322ARoughneck Tri Vice£18.00
TOO323ARoughneck Timber Lok£18.00
TOO330APaint Scraper, Window£1.90
TOO331AFit For The Job Foam Brush Set£1.09
TOO313AVirutex Hand TrimmerFrom £13.77
00628600Wiha VDE 6 in 1 Magazine Driver £45.71
00842000Tick-Tack Material Scraper £20.91
00842009Tick-Tack Replacement Blades £6.98
00854410Batavia Lifting Straps £17.42
TOO321ARoughneck Wrecking Bar£23.92
SR-DREH.K-SBlum Cross Slot Screwdriver £2.25
TOO349AShave Hook, Combination £2.76
TOO026ATaping Knife £4.73
TOO332ALint Free Polishing Cloth £7.44
TOO401ARoughneck Tri Cut Handsaw £8.87
TOO405AOlympia Hexagon Pipe Wrench £22.48
TOO363ARoughneck SawFrom £6.00
00056440Irwin 770 Crosscut/Coarse Hand Saw £15.58
00056590Irwin XPERT Tenon Saw £12.71
00058-0001Irwin Saws, Set of 7 £99.19
00058600Irwin I-125 Heavy Duty Hacksaw £24.80
00058610Irwin Junior Hacksaw £9.07
00058660Irwin Junior Hacksaw Blade £6.65
00602400Stanley Fatmax Antivibe Hammer £41.16
00602410Stanley Blue Strike Claw Hammer £15.59
TOO311AFit For The Job Paint ScraperFrom £2.20
00870110Batavia Giraffe Telescopic LadderFrom £114.73
TOO310AFit For The Job Filling KnifeFrom £2.12
TOO026Taping Knife£4.22
00030340Irwin High Impact ChiselFrom £16.15
00056540Irwin 880 Universal Hand SawFrom £15.22
00056560Irwin 990 Fine Hand SawFrom £13.52
00058650Irwin Bi-Metal Hacksaw BladeFrom £6.37
00612140Irwin Groovelock Water Pump PliersFrom £20.04
00822664Combination Ratchet SpannerFrom £18.68