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Aventos lift systems provide an absolutely effortless way to open and close kitchen cabinets, as they open upwards no matter how heavy the cupboard door happens to be...
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a fundamental component of health and safety for any building environment...
When you're fitting out a new development you've got a great opportunity to create amazing spaces from a blank canvas...
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00370600Cutter St£50.78
00602472Curved Claw Hammer£7.16
00628410Hafele Allen Key Set, 7 Pieces£17.31
00630441Screwdriver Set£71.01
00636752Punch Tool£28.50
00637221Pozi Torsion Bit, Short£0.63
00790150Gorilla Gripper£61.04
00828390TORX Key Set, MagicSpring, 7 Pieces£22.38
00828426HEX Key Set, Ball Ended, MagicRing£25.83
SF2438Inserter Gun for Wall Anchors£7.01
TOO312AVirutex Hand EdgebanderFrom £350.91
TOO314AVirutex End Trimmer£31.20
TOO315ARoughneck Door and Board Lifter£17.59
TOO317ARoughneck Heavy-Duty Caulking Gun£14.37
TOO318AGorilla GripperFrom £44.20
TOO319AGorilla Bar£30.88
TOO320ARoughneck Crowbar£7.60
TOO322ARoughneck Tri Vice£18.00
TOO323ARoughneck Timber Lok£18.00
TOO330APaint Scraper, Window£1.90
TOO331AFit For The Job Foam Brush Set£1.09
TOO313AVirutex Hand TrimmerFrom £13.77
00628600Wiha VDE 6 in 1 Magazine Driver £45.71
00842000Tick-Tack Material Scraper £20.91
00842009Tick-Tack Replacement Blades £6.98
00854410Batavia Lifting Straps £17.42
TOO321ARoughneck Wrecking Bar£23.92
SR-DREH.K-SBlum Cross Slot Screwdriver £2.25
TOO349AShave Hook, Combination £2.76
TOO026ATaping Knife £4.73
TOO332ALint Free Polishing Cloth £6.32
TOO401ARoughneck Tri Cut Handsaw £8.87
TOO405AOlympia Hexagon Pipe Wrench £22.48
TOO363ARoughneck SawFrom £6.00
00056440Irwin 770 Crosscut/Coarse Hand Saw £15.58
00056590Irwin XPERT Tenon Saw £12.71
00058-0001Irwin Saws, Set of 7 £99.19
00058600Irwin I-125 Heavy Duty Hacksaw £24.80
00058610Irwin Junior Hacksaw £9.07
00058660Irwin Junior Hacksaw Blade £6.65
00602400Stanley Fatmax Antivibe Hammer £41.16
00602410Stanley Blue Strike Claw Hammer £15.59
TOO311AFit For The Job Paint ScraperFrom £2.20
TOO310AFit For The Job Filling KnifeFrom £2.12
TOO026Taping Knife£4.22
00030340Irwin High Impact ChiselFrom £16.15
00056540Irwin 880 Universal Hand SawFrom £15.22
00056560Irwin 990 Fine Hand SawFrom £13.52
00058650Irwin Bi-Metal Hacksaw BladeFrom £6.37
00612140Irwin Groovelock Water Pump PliersFrom £20.04
00822664Combination Ratchet SpannerFrom £18.68