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Upcycling your furniture can be a rewarding job, but more than that, it can quickly turn into an enjoyable hobby, or even a career...
One of the best ways to add interest to a home or office construction project is to be innovative in the way you use mirror fittings...
Ensuring that components are securely connected is a must for anyone in the hardware business...

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40845010Finetta Spinfront Pivot Door SystemFrom £610.74
40845100Finetta Spinfront Cover ProfileFrom £61.42
40122720Bottom Guide Profile, Plastic£3.52
40123920Top/Bottom Track£12.64
40124930Double Upper Track £47.12
40125930Bottom Guide Rail£94.16
40165525EKU Libra20G Glass Fixing Profile£15.36
40250002Glide, Nylon£2.85
40290006Guide Bolt, Nylon£0.37
40323900EKU Libra20H Additional GuideRoller£9.73
40350971Sliding Door Top Guide, Steel£6.28
40406004Bolt Mount Restraining Bolt, Plasti£0.29
40408350Lower Roller, Adjustable, Plastic£1.22
40413921Sliding Door Bottom Guide Profile£2.92
40421109Guide, Lockable, Plastic£0.33
40421154Guide, Spring Loaded, Plastic£0.28
40422106Bottom Roller, Press Fit, Plastic£0.34
40422151Bottom Roller, Recessed, Plastic£0.51
40429105Bottom Roller, Plastic£6.40
40433092HAWA-Miniroll25 Cover Cap, Plastic£1.76
40453930Reversable Track Channel£19.01
40471902Sliding Door Top Guide, Steel£3.73
40472300Housing, Plastic£0.23
40473300Running Gear, Vorfront, Plastic£1.09
23145655Espagnolette Lock, Nickel Plated £41.49
40830017HAWA-Concepta for Wood From £1073.92
40050000PS10 Fitting Set for Inner DoorFrom £61.79
40830019HAWA-Folding Concepta 25From £1645.62
40474000Track Stopper, Plastic£0.20
40474310Bottom Guide, Vorfront, Plastic£0.37
40500071EKU Clipo35GK Track End Piece£8.39
40511107Smuso CD Soft Closing Mechanism£13.32
40520910Guide Bolt with Brass Roller, Steel£2.92
40533030EKU Regal-A 25 Centre Door Stopper£9.53
40535820HAWA-Antea50/80 Soft Closing System£415.13
40568908EKU Regal-B 25 Screw£0.45
40570090EKU Combino 60H Fascia Clip£9.67
40574110EKU Combino60 Track Stopper£13.88
40575200EKU Combino60 Trolley Hanger£17.41
40576320EKU Combino60 Trolley Hanger£21.91
40583104EKU Clipo 15SH Guide, Infront Doors£1.17
40583122EKU Clipo15GS Guide Pin, Plastic£1.10
40350970Aluflex80 Profile Accessories £0.08
40352915Aluflex80 Profile Accessories £27.65
40599522EKU Combino Lower Guide Profile £21.72
40632077EKU Combino Track Stopper £6.29
40051190Slido Classic 50VFP Fitting SetFrom £38.91
40052954Slido Classic 50 VF P Bottom TrackFrom £28.66
40052962Slido Classic 50 VF P TrackFrom £0.95
40117930Hafele System9 Infront TrackFrom £78.23
40119000Hafele System9 Infront Fitting SetFrom £3.99
40119002Hafele System10 Mixfront FittingSetFrom £79.88
40121920System 1 Top TrackFrom £26.13
40132702Light Duty Double Track and RailFrom £3.13
40135702Light Duty Double Track and RailFrom £3.12
40156925EKU Combino Frame ProfileFrom £142.69
40230642Slido Classic Top TrackFrom £21.01
40230802Slido Classic Bottom Guide TrackFrom £5.93
40321925EKU Libra 20H Vertical TrackFrom £52.96
40358920Aluflex80 Channels and TracksFrom £40.48
40361915Aluflex80 Aluminium Frame ProfileFrom £24.98
40406102Light Duty Top Guide ChannelFrom £1.51
40407118Fittings for Sliding Timber DoorFrom £1.10
40408115Lower Roller, PlasticFrom £0.79
40408446Fittings for Sliding Cabinet DoorFrom £1.13
40427000JASON Additional Set PartsFrom £4.61
40434919HAWA-Miniroll25 Reversible TrackFrom £170.20
40500050EKU Clipo 35H Additional ItemsFrom £5.85
40500250EKU Clipo 35H Single Top Track£54.84
40502023EKU Clipo35G Additional Set PartsFrom £3.80
40502090EKU Clipo35GK Push Button Cyl LockFrom £216.90
40502250EKU Clipo35GK Double Top Track£77.02
40530025EKU Regal-A 25 Bottom Rail GuideFrom £28.19
40535910HAWA-Antea50/80 Door Handle ProfileFrom £72.13
40552025EKU-Combino 45H Forslide RailFrom £59.51
40556025EKU Regal-A 25 Concealed Top TrackFrom £53.09
40569025EKU Combino60 Top Track, AluminiumFrom £88.49
40570025EKU Combino60 Double Top TrackFrom £131.07
40578925EKU Clipo15GK Frame ProfileFrom £61.58
40581010EKU Clipo 15 Inslide Top TrackFrom £40.25
40590010EKU Clipo15GS Double Top TrackFrom £62.84
40591242EKU Combino45H Forslide Fitting SetFrom £348.02
40591262EKU Combino 45GR Forslide FittingFrom £525.31
40591272EKU-Combino 45HGR FS FittingsFrom £440.01
40591442EKU-Combino 45H Mixslide FittingsFrom £330.73
40591462EKU Combino 45GR Mixslide FittingFrom £503.35
40598516EKU Clipo 15SH Lower Guide ProfileFrom £16.52
40602055EKU Frontino 40 Complete FittingFrom £806.33
40602060EKU Frontino 20HFS Complete FittingFrom £867.68
40602070EKU Frontino 20HOS FS CompleteFrom £867.68
40602800EKU Frontino 20 Bottom TrackFrom £32.15
40631922EKU Combino 45 Double Running TrackFrom £125.92
40671912Dorado Double Top TrackFrom £204.97
40672919Dorado Twin Guide TrackFrom £139.31
40747002Vorfront Silent VF 80 Bottom TrackFrom £41.11
40752000Marathon Senior Complete FittingFrom £66.50
40752005Marathon Fire Door SetFrom £184.24
40774230HAWA Planfront 220 Fitting SetFrom £2084.10
40830091Sliding Door Connecting BracketFrom £75.35
40830093Sliding Door Connecting BracketFrom £133.79
41518001Display Bottom Rolling Door SystemFrom £81.87
94043123Slido Classic Clip PanelFrom £22.72
94043420Slido Classic Clip PanelFrom £28.69
94059004Slido 80-M Complete Fitting SetFrom £323.43
40583132EKU Clipo 15SH Track Stopper£4.24
94067006Slido Classic 50/120-F Fitting SetFrom £232.39
94102120Slido Classic 120-O Sliding DoorFrom £41.01
94180621Rolluna Bottom Track, Face FixingFrom £71.81
40583801EKU Clipo 15SH Housing,Screw Fixing£3.51
40583909EKU Clipo 15SH Running Gear£11.29
40589017EKU Clipo15GS Double Top Track£124.03
40593020Sliding Door Intermediate Stop£13.61
40670921HAWA Replacement Single Guide£5.01
40670970Centre Door Stopper, Plastic£49.93
40673103Lower Guide Profile, Plastic£41.07
40701930EKU Combino20 Rubber Buffer£0.21
40701951Single60/Twin60 Fittings, Plastic£2.18
40701960HAWA-206 Single Bottom Guide£1.24
40701990HAWA-Planfront 220 Bottom Guide£8.78
40732930Door Opening Center Hinge£23.11
40732940Door Opening Carcase Fastening Set£31.44
40845102Finetta Spinfront DoubleDoor Magnet£22.14
40350940Aluflex80 Fittings£27.14
40630966EKU Combino Top Track, Aluminium£45.31
41506505Labora Sliding Glass 2 Door Set£112.19
94060006Slido Classic Fitting Set£22.18
DF834Trolla Track Door SystemFrom £0.58
40845103Finetta Spinfront Pin and Sleeve£10.30
94040030EKU Combino20 Guide, Plastic£2.27
94080012HAWA Planfront 220 Trolley Hanger£41.23
94081020HAWA Planfront 220 Suspension Unit£69.34
SDG015AStraight Sliding Timber CabinetFrom £7.52
SDG016AStraight Sliding Timber CabinetFrom £2.61
SDG017AStraight Sliding Timber CabinetFrom £54.31
SDG018AStraight Sliding Timber CabinetFrom £2.47
SDG019AStraight Sliding Timber CabinetFrom £6.28
40050935PS10 Top and Bottom Track £65.21
40511225Sliding Door Follower Bracket £2.97
40511226Sliding Door Follower Bracket £4.48
40511401Sliding Door Spacer Plate £1.78
40752004Marathon Self Closing Set £103.09
40044902Single Bottom Guide Track £3.66
40101111Sliding Door Support Track £4.75
40979010Universal Panel Door Set £116.17
40979400Dust Protection Profile £45.43
40790-0007Planofit Straightening System £19.02
94044002Slido Classic Synchro Additional £39.02
40157035EKU Combino 60 Double Guide Rail £229.50
40670920HAWA Replacement Twin Guide £5.01
94162006Slido Classic 160-O Fitting Set £42.98
94200000SV-A200 Fitting Set £310.89
94200803SV-A200/300 Bottom Guide £41.10
94200813SV-A200/300 Bottom Guide £5.93
94303803SF-A300/SF-A84 Alt Bottom Channel £60.45
94352000SF-A300 Fitting Set £149.89
94352200SF-A300 Alt Bottom Guide Roller £2.06
94352201SF-A300 Alt Bottom Guide Roller £5.95
94352400SV-A200 Top Track £68.19
94352401SV-A200 Bottom Profile £14.85
94352410SV-A200 Top Track, Pelmet Cover £93.41
94352420SV Top Track Side Fixing Bracket £4.72
94352430SV Top Track End Cap £8.87
94352603SV-A200/300 Top Track £197.30
40046400Guide Pin£0.24