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For those who have limited mobility, it can be important to be able to live with as much independence as possible...
Kitchen cabinets should be installed after the plumbing and rough wiring is done, but before the flooring has been installed...
Whether a gleaming oak floor or a smoothly painted and finished wall- these finishes are made possible by the application of sandpaper...

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94081250HAWA-FrSlide60/A Bottom ChannelFrom £45.00
94180518Classic Flat Track Top TrackFrom £97.92
40436011Straightaway 700 Bottom Roller£50.83
40436020Straightaway 700 Bottom Roller£91.08
40436904Straightaway 700 Top Guide£26.78
40751059Straightaway100 Clear Bottom Guide£11.74
40754070House One Bottom Door Guide£6.36
94040026Junior40/GP Patch Fitting£107.53
94040035Junior40/GP Bottom Guide£37.96
94040036Junior40/GL Distance Plate£48.96
94040051Rubber Buffer£2.39
94040061Junior40 Profile Trim Caps, Plastic£28.18
94040201Junior40 Side Fixing Profile£94.12
94040204HAWA Top Track, Aluminium£88.63
94041027HAWA Ordena Patch Assembly Plate£97.09
94041053Junior40/GLF Rubber Profile£70.97
94080251Junior80 Side Fixing Profile£129.02
94100031Junior40/GS Floor Guide£50.43
94100094EKU Porta100GW Screening Seal£106.90
94100099EKU Track Cleaning Brush, Plastic£5.86
94100103EKU Porta 100 GFK Sealing Profile£80.89
94100207EKU Porta 100 GFK Cover Profile£19.80
94106012Straightaway100 Trolley Hanger£36.70
94106040Straightaway100 Track Stopper,Steel£6.88
94106080Straightaway100 Side Fixing Bracket£5.95
94106081Straightaway100 Closed End Piece£5.84
94106906Straightaway100 Radius Track Curve£56.23
94113091EKU Divido100RSO Glass Retainer£66.61
94120306HAWA Junior 120/GP Top Track£391.60
94100095EKU Porta 100 GWF Milling Jig £61.51
94124081HAWA-Junior40/GLF Rubber Seal From £70.65
94133000Rustic 80 Complete Fitting Set From £191.88
94251721Clear Threshold Bottom Guiding From £59.08
94252085Foldaside 340 Soffit Bracket £23.67
94252830Foldaside 340 Top Track From £68.18
94332380Roomflex Complete Fitting Set From £266.20
00820646Planofit SW10 Open-Ended Wrench £1.65
40548000Slido Classic Optimo 80 Fitting SetFrom £255.00
40790200Planofit Straightening System From £15.30
40790241Tensioner Cover Cap, Plastic From £19.79
40844000Finetta Connecting Plate, Profile £27.35
94040023Junior40/GP Patch Cover PlateFrom £62.20
94041535HAWA Bottom/Wall ProfileFrom £116.14
94042063Sliding Door Mounting BracketFrom £1.78
94080256HAWA Junior Top Track, AluminiumFrom £183.09
94100256EKU Porta 100 GWF Top TrackFrom £326.47
94100425EKU Porta100GW Top Track, AluminumFrom £233.47
94101025EKU Porta100GW Fascia ProfileFrom £37.37
94101226EKU Porta 100 GW Side ProfileFrom £240.73
94101725EKU Porta 100 GWF U Guide TrackFrom £97.86
94112525EKU Divido100RSO ProfileFrom £28.40
94180821Top Safety Guide ChannelFrom £74.71
94251921Top TrackFrom £50.39
98460040HAWA-Junior 80 Xinnix PDoor SystemFrom £606.63
98460043HAWA-Junior 80 Xinnix Finishing SetFrom £402.35
94405522Slido 45 Track SetFrom £43.79
40088902EKU Regal B 25 H VF ProfileFrom £41.87
40231632Slido Classic 20/40VFT Bottom GuideFrom £12.56
40231672Slido Classic 20/40VFT Top TrackFrom £36.67
40409113Sliding Door Support TrackFrom £2.53
40414133Slido Classic 30 IF TrackFrom £2.99
40500004EKU-CLIPO35 Fitting SetFrom £92.55
40500072EKU-CLIPO36 Top Track End PieceFrom £5.37
40500622EKU-CLIPO36 TrackFrom £39.53
40502410EKU-CLIPO36 Fitting SetFrom £61.99
40504251EKU Sliding Door GuideFrom £13.81
40535100HAWA-Antea50/VF Fitting SetFrom £353.39
40535110HAWA-Antea80/VF Fitting SetFrom £420.00
40549007System SF-25/51 Complete FittingsFrom £75.30
40549100SF30/53 Extra ComponentsFrom £6.12
40561912EKU Regal B 25 H Forslide Bot TrackFrom £45.74
40569912EKU Regal B 25 H Forslide Top TrackFrom £45.74
40590032EKU-CLIPO 16 Double Top TrackFrom £54.96
40590962EKU CLIPO 16 GPK Track and ProfileFrom £54.49
40790-0003Planofit Straightening SystemFrom £13.06
40790250Retaining Plate for Trim StripFrom £0.22
40843901Sliding Door Connecting ProfileFrom £9.94
94106821Straightaway100 Top Track, SteelFrom £43.65
40699180Planofit Cover Caps for Tensioners£14.85
40699190Planofit Retaining Plates, Plastic£0.10
94180930Bottom Track£172.04
94124925HAWA-Junior40/GLF Wall ProfileFrom £106.84
40589932EKU CLIPO 16 GPK Track and ProfileFrom £41.18
94124042Junior40/GLF Centering Door Stop£35.20
94124043Junior40/GLF Centering Door Stop£46.73
94160051HAWA Super 250 Rubber Buffer£5.65
94180010Straightaway 710 Bottom Roller£180.89
94180011Classic Flat Track Trolley Hanger£179.52
94180030Top Roller Guide£27.34
94180041Straightaway 710 Track Stopper£25.39
94180042Classic Flat Track Stopper£18.60
94180051Classic Flat Track Flange Spacer£22.77
94180061Classic Flat Track Splice Bracket£21.13
94180080Double Open Wall Bracket, Side Fix£53.24
94180081Double Lock-Joint Wall Bracket£62.30
94180082Straightaway 720 Closed End Piece£24.35
94244030HAWA Guide, Plastic£22.80
94247031HAWA-Media 70/GB Bottom Guide£28.71
94251080Side Fixing Bracket, Steel£8.60
94251082Lock-Joint Plate, Steel£5.18
94251083Soffit Fixing Bracket, Open, Steel£13.38
94251084Closed End Piece, Unhanded, Steel£3.59
94251085Soffit Bracket Lock-Joint Type£16.90
94251806Floor Channel, Curved£131.11
94252011Straightaway 320 Trolley Hanger£134.21
94252082Foldaside 340 Endfold Lock-Joint£5.69
94252083Foldaside 320 Endfold Fix Bracket£18.26
94252084Foldaside 340 Endfold End Piece£3.80
94253010Straightaway 720 Bottom Roller£389.71
94253030Straightaway 720 Top Guide£137.23
94253080Straightaway 720 Fixing Bracket£22.38
94253082Straightaway 720 Fixing Bracket£31.25
94253830Straightaway 720 Top Safety Channel£157.32
94040052HAWA Bottom Door Stopper£43.83
94040132HAWA Junior Fixed Panel Profile£17.88
94040206HAWA Junior 40 Top Track, Aluminium£99.68
40790270M6 Threaded Rod and Trim SetFrom £11.54
94160071HAWA-Confort 160 Guide, PlasticFrom £48.76
40050012Wooden Sliding Wardrobe Fitting SetFrom £182.63
94405100Slido 45 Sliding Wardrobe DoorFrom £158.71
94106921Straightaway100 Top Track, SteelFrom £23.55
40050500PS40 Top Guide Rail Cover ProfileFrom £6.50
40979410Sliding Door Soft Close MechanismFrom £41.01
40979790Sliding Door TrackFrom £61.04
94405025Slido Adaptor Profile, RubberFrom £11.33
94405042Slido Spare PartFrom £16.59