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DF634BEchelon Compression SealFrom £0.77
DF798AIntumescent/Smoke SealFrom £0.96
DF799Intumescent/Fire SealFrom £0.88
DF799MLorient Perimeter SealFrom £9.17
DF799QThermaglaze Fire Door GlazingFrom £7.20
DF799WIntumescent Mastic on a RollFrom £24.56
DFBDWBSealmaster Threshold Set, OutwardFrom £48.54
DFC538UIntumescent and Acoustic SealsFrom £39.84
DFC538WIntumescent and Acoustic SealsFrom £23.31
DFC539A1Intumescent Drop Down SealFrom £14.77
DFC540B1Intumescent Acrylic SealantFrom £4.14
DFC540C3Intumescent Lock PackFrom £6.27
DFP100BEchelon Weather Seal, Self-adhesiveFrom £28.43
WF2932Foamstrip, Weather SealFrom £112.00
WF2933DEchelon Weather Seal 642From £7.10
WFFGZFireglaze CompoundFrom £15.17
WFMASROLMastic on a RollFrom £16.61
WFSYS3610Lorient System 36 Glazing ChannelFrom £191.97
WFSYS90Intumescent CarrierFrom £19.25
WFTHE60Therm A Glaze Intumescent Strip KitFrom £20.16
DF799M3Lorient Fire and Smoke IntumescentFrom £7.02
DF7910NShadow Euro cylinder ProgrammableFrom £5.92
91101990Intumescent Sashlock Pads£16.59
91101991Intumescent DIN Sashlock Pads£16.59
92666000Intumescent Hinge PadsFrom £4.61
95018001Intumescent Fire Seal, PlainFrom £0.83
95018101Intumescent Fire/Smoke Seal, BrushFrom £0.89
95018227Intumescent Quad Seal£5.08
95018900Ironmongery Protection PackFrom £9.67
DFC540A1Intumescent Hinge LinerFrom £1.20
DFC540C1Intumescent KitFrom £4.10
DFC538DIntumescent and Acoustic SealsFrom £76.16
DFC538AIntumescent and Acoustic SealsFrom £34.21
DFC538PIntumescent and Acoustic SealsFrom £2.08
DFC538RIntumescent and Acoustic SealsFrom £2.88
DFC540D1Intumescent Air Transfer GrilleFrom £5.28
DF799JIntumescent/Smoke SealFrom £1.34
DF799WDFlexifire Bath+Sashlock Intumescent£4.32
DFC538DIntumescent and Acoustic Seals£40.42
DFC538HIntumescent and Acoustic Seals£59.12
DFC538JIntumescent and Acoustic Seals£59.12
DF799NSealmaster Intumescent N30£9.20
DF799OLorient Fire/Smoke Intumescent£9.36
DF799PLorient Sweep Action Brush Seal£17.07
DF799RThermaglaze Door Graphite Strip£1.86
DFARHSealmaster ARH Stop Seal£27.68
DFB-NBWBSealmaster Threshold£20.13
DFFGZBSealmaster Fireglaze Compound£14.72
DFLINERLLorient Liner L£9.04
DFPEFASealmaster Single Blade£14.85
DFPEFSSealmaster Perimeter Seal£14.85
DFSYS90WLorient System 90+ Glazing Seal£14.83
DFTTHSealmaster Frame Seal£12.90
LIF1947Intumescent Downlighter Cover£9.60
LP1004SSWLorient Fire/Smoke Intumescent£2.30
LP2004ASBKLorient Fire/Smoke Intumescent£6.86
WFLINERLIntumescent Liner, 1 Hour£3.36
WFTHE30Therm A Glaze Intumescent Strip£1.86
DF799TThermabead £7.20
95004017Intumescent Strip with Brush Seal £3.35
95007159Intumescent Strip, N30£27.16
95007169Intumescent Strip, IMN£37.87
95007179Intumescent Strip, IMP£37.87
95007189Intumescent Strip, N60£37.87
95007811Finger Guard, Opening Side£86.68

Intumescent door seals are an importent component of any door which will help stop smoke from entering in the event of a fire and protect the material. Our stock includes liners, mastic seals, fireglaze compounds, smoke seals, strips, and plugs.