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Kick Plates   Back to Door Furniture

DH478Kick PlateFrom £3.95
98714-0001Kick Plate, Square CornersFrom £10.40
KPC101A1Steelworx KickplateFrom £8.38
98718309Kicking/Midrail PlateFrom £15.53
DH508Kick PlateFrom £3.48
98723207Kick Plate, Square Corners From £4.19
98718300Kicking/Midrail PlateFrom £9.05
98718328Kicking/Midrail Plate, Brass£31.22
98718339Kicking/Midrail Plate£17.55
98718369Kicking/Midrail Plate£19.57

This is our wholesale kick plates page providing plenty of variety in colours, size and of course, finishes. You will find a selection of stainless steel, aluminium, brass and more. Installing these plates are a great way to prevent wear and tear on the bottom and side of your doors.