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The summer has always been the perfect season to tackle those at-home DIY projects that you’ve been putting off...
Every kitchen needs cabinets, but not every cabinet opens as effectively as we would like; perhaps there’s a cupboard which opens the wrong way, a door which swings shut when you want it to stay open, or that one corner unit that houses all the junk that no-one needs because it’s impossible to get into to...
  There are few things more aggravating than the constant slamming of cabinets and doors, but your home shouldn’t be a stressful atmosphere...

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KASBU300FELWBase Unit Pull-Out, StyleFrom £152.81
54645758Kitchen Basket InsertFrom £114.76
54957201VSA Swing Out Larder UnitFrom £298.20
54957301VSA Swing Out Larder UnitFrom £270.90
54957401VSA Swing Out Larder UnitFrom £414.96
54957501VSA Swing Out Larder UnitFrom £306.19
54957831VSA Swing Out Larder UnitFrom £366.06
54957902VSA Swing Out Larder UnitFrom £243.99
IFKALF300FESCLarder Pull-Out, ArenaFrom £368.37
IFKCATL300CLarder tray, ClassicFrom £25.44
IFKLF300FESCLarder Pull-Out, ClassicFrom £248.00
KAATBP300CBase Unit Pull-Out Tray onlyFrom £30.00
KAPB500CHPull-Out Tray, AdjustableFrom £84.13
KASBU300FELBase Unit Pull-Out, StyleFrom £142.14
KASLF300FESCLarder Pull-Out, StyleFrom £524.77
KASMCUSCLMagic Corner Unit, StyleFrom £531.37
KASMCUSCLWMagic Corner Unit, StyleFrom £534.15
KASSTLF500SCTandem Larder, StyleFrom £533.21
KASSTLF500SCWTandem Larder, StyleFrom £551.29
KATS500SCTandem SoloFrom £503.46
KCONPREM600LConvoy Premio, Double soft closeFrom £887.28
KPD500BFECPull-Out TrayFrom £125.11
KSASLF300FESCLarder Pull-Out, StyleFrom £402.07
KSTLF500SCTandem Larder, ClassicFrom £404.46
KSTLFA500SCTandem Larder, ArenaFrom £517.65
54530201Pull Out Storage Unit, 2 TierFrom £35.30
54720502HSA Pull Out Larder UnitFrom £316.31
54725350Larder Single Basket, MeshFrom £34.26
54725360Larder Single Basket, LinearFrom £30.49
KPA300SCLBase Unit Pull-Out 45°, ClassicFrom £105.60
54621014Larder Unit, Centre Mounting, SteelFrom £192.19
54645214Larder Unit, Centre Mounting, SteelFrom £77.31
54720542HSA Pull Out Larder UnitFrom £293.39
54722904HSA Rotary Larder Unit£547.51
54748412HSA Pull Out Larder UnitFrom £405.45
54748512HSA Pull Out Larder UnitFrom £338.54
54748912HSA Pull Out Larder UnitFrom £269.06
54985202Vauth-Sagel Pull Out Larder Unit£199.22
54985222Vauth-Sagel Pull Out Larder Unit£173.19
54986724Swing Out Larder, Full ExtensionFrom £348.93
KA1558DPEKA Pullout Larder with Selfclose£12.33
KA1555Magic Corner with Soft Close£477.47
KA15574Larder Pullout, Luxury£184.80
KLF400SCLarder Pull-Out, Classic£242.43
54220-0111Mondo 90° Replacement Door Brackets£35.19
54639-0011Pull Out Basket Stabilising Clip£1.05
54721-0080HSA Adapter Set, Steel£28.47
54721-1001HSA Soft Close Dampener, For Top£8.57
54727-0034DUSA Door/Basket Clip Set£3.40
54727-0035DUSA Cabinet/Basket Clip Set£5.01
KBASFASCDispensa-V Basket Extension Clip£10.71
54621-0012Basket Pin £3.44
54727-0006Spare Hanging Basket Clip £0.54
54727-0007Basket Securing Clip £0.09
54676210Framed Door Mounting Bracket£8.77
54721561Height Adjustable Larder Unit,Steel £277.21
KABAS300CMLarder tray, Arena £35.06
KALFS300OESCSwing Larder, Arena £634.67
KASLFS300OESCSwing Larder, Style £729.86
KBTP600SCBase Tandem Larder, Classic £219.76
KCONVOY300Convoy Centro £669.10
KCUP274CCleaning Utensil Basket £173.54
KLFFRONTSTRIPLarder Connector Strip £24.98
KTLFA600/900SCTandem Larder Pull-Out, Arena £515.22
KTLSOFTOPENLarder Soft Open Adapter £23.02
KTPW300CWall Unit Storage, Tandem £132.55
54674790Soft Close Device, Plastic£10.72
54675090Retaining Clip, Plastic£6.91
54675260Bottle Basket, Steel£38.43

We stock several storage units for your kitchen including larders and various pull out fittings that are great for organizational purposes and clearing clutter. Users will also find various fittings such as  closing mechanisms, cover plates and various other fittings.