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DFC001Sliding Door Set, RoundFrom £44.43
DF208BEasi-T Rebate KitFrom £4.42
CA710AModern Tip LatchFrom £52.00
DF213Xtension 3 Mortice Latch£10.00
CA711Mini Tip LatchFrom £35.75
CA712Touch Latch, Auto Spring£22.00
CA713Roller Catch, Zinc Plated From £132.80
DF150Lapcon Soft Close Door DamperFrom £28.34
DF210KForend Strike and Fixing Pack£3.88
DF46BEasi Keep LatchFrom £6.24
DFM122Tubular Latch, Standard DutyFrom £1.43
DHM501Tubular Latch, Heavy DutyFrom £4.10
DFF352AHeavy Duty Tubular Latch From £2.91
DFF353AHeavy Duty Tubular Deadbolt From £3.40
DFF354AHeavy Duty Tubular Latch Body From £1.95
DFF355AHeavy Duty Tubular Deadbolt Body From £2.44
DFF356AHeavy Duty Latch Accessory Pack From £0.96
DFF357AHeavy Duty Deadbolt Accessory Pack From £0.96
DFF358AKontrax Tubular Latch From £1.19
DFF359AKontrax Tubular Latch Rebate Kit From £1.94
DFF360AKontrax Tubular Latch From £2.21
DFF361AKontrax Double Sprung Rebate Kit From £2.34
DFF362AKontrax Tubular Deadbolt From £3.51
DFZ057AZAS Hush LatchFrom £3.74

There are many different types of door latches. Some more effective and durable than others. Some examples of the types we currently stock include twin ball, security, tip, upright, rim, and soft close. By stocking a wide range of latches, we are able to provide products for almost every building purpose.

Some of these products offer a more antique design while others choose to go with a more modern style. Making it look great comes down to the type of hardware that is already on your door.