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LIF2022FSingle Colour LED Dimmer ControllerFrom £37.78
LIF2035VLED Power Supply Unit ConvertorFrom £12.00
LIF1934CEBS4 Hera Touch SwitchFrom £5.45
LIF20221Driver for LED LightsFrom £7.89
LIF2022ADriver for LED LightsFrom £7.89
LIF2022BDriver for LED LightsFrom £7.89
LIF2022HDriver for LED LightsFrom £37.31
LIF2035OLED Power Supply Unit, Bare EndsFrom £8.80
LIF2035PLED Power Supply Unit, Bare EndsFrom £9.83
LIF2041LED Driver 3 WayFrom £18.18
LIF2048ALED Eye35S 35° Recessed LightFrom £17.82
LIF2052LED Twin-Stick TransformerFrom £14.82
LIF2052CLED Twin-Stick Dimmable TransformerFrom £15.95
LIF3117ALED Single Colour RF DimmerFrom £25.60
LIF4082A1Single Colour 4-Zone ControllerFrom £10.40
LIF4085ARF Controller with Handheld RemoteFrom £19.12
LIF4088ADMX Wall Controller LEDFrom £52.92
LIF4091AMains Dimmable LED Driver, ConstantFrom £29.47
LIF4093ADali Dimmable Driver, ConstantFrom £59.04
LIF4121AMulti-Functional SensorFrom £12.96
LIF5019ALED Dimmer with Remote, 30mFrom £23.92
LIF5035AIR Door SensorFrom £14.52
LIF5092ALED DriverFrom £24.59
LIF1986ESlimliteCS Mains Cable£3.57
LIF2035SMATRIX Power Supply Unit, Bare Ends£14.67
LIF2035X15LED Power Supply Unit, Bare Ends£20.16
LIF2042ALED Driver, 2x3 Way£29.07
LIF2048CLED Eye 350 Connecting Cable£1.54
LIF2053LED Twin-Stick Dimmer Switch£29.28
LIF7074HVLCS V/2000 Mains Cable£3.18
LIF5010ATouch Panel RGB Controller £31.92
LIF5013ARGBW Controller £23.92
LIF5014ARGB Signal Amplifier £12.72
LIF5015ADMX Decoder £42.00
LIF5017ADimmer Module 1-10V £28.72
LIF5018ADimmer Module 1-10V £40.80
LIF5070AInfrared Sensor £13.61
LIF2044Touch DIM Control £31.95
LIF4073ARadio Frequency Dimmer £55.44
LIF4074ASingle Colour Remote £35.28
LIF4075AWiFi Transmitter & App £59.57
LIF4076AWRF Receiver £54.22
LIF4077AWRF Repeater £28.26
LIF4078AColour Temperature Controller £50.40
LIF4079AColour Temperature Remote Control £47.34
LIF4080ARGB Radio Frequency Controller £56.51
LIF4081ARGBW Radio Frequency Controller £61.02
LIF4083AWall Mounted RF Rotary Dimmer £32.00
LIF4084ARF Remote Dimmer £27.20
LIF4086ARGBW Amplifier £12.72
LIF4089ADMX512 Decoder £47.04
LIF4090ADMX Decoder 02 £42.00
LIF4092AMains Dimmable LED Driver, Constant £89.63
LIF4096ATransformer 20-105W £6.68
LIF4122ASurface/Recessed Sensor Switch £11.23
LIF4123ASurface/Recessed PIR Sensor Switch £11.23
LIF4082ARGBW/RGBWW RF Controller £61.02
LIF5016ASingle Colour RF Dimmer Receiver£46.40

For those of you looking for current control devices for your lighting, why not choose from our range of LED drivers shown above. Our stock provides users with different types of drivers including colour changing, spotlight, downlights and remote controls.