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The summer has always been the perfect season to tackle those at-home DIY projects that you’ve been putting off...
Every kitchen needs cabinets, but not every cabinet opens as effectively as we would like; perhaps there’s a cupboard which opens the wrong way, a door which swings shut when you want it to stay open, or that one corner unit that houses all the junk that no-one needs because it’s impossible to get into to...
  There are few things more aggravating than the constant slamming of cabinets and doors, but your home shouldn’t be a stressful atmosphere...
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LIF3108AKinver LED FloodlightFrom £26.80
LFA008AYardley Pendant LampFrom £200.00
LFA009AYardley Pendant Accents LampFrom £200.00
LIF2038AMini-Circ, Surface Mounted HolderFrom £4.26
LIF2038R1Mini-Circ, Surface Mounted HolderFrom £4.26
LIF2038R2Mini-Circ, Surface Mounted HolderFrom £7.81
LIF3107AKinver LED FloodlightFrom £13.36
LIF4099ADLMV LED Recess DownlightFrom £10.40
LIF4100ATRMV LED Surface Triangle DownlightFrom £12.72
LIF3058ACabinet Downlight, Surface Mounted£5.16
LIF3108EKinver LED Floodlight£73.84
LIF4170ARennes Floorstand Lamp£98.12
LIF4171ASpock Floorstand Lamp£104.93
LIF4177AOHIO Outdoor Wall Light, LED£88.28
LIF4178ATHAMES Outdoor Wall Light, LED£58.66
LIF4179ADON Outdoor Up/Down Wall Light, LED£58.66
LIF4180AMISSOURI Outdoor Wall Light, LED£70.51
LIF4181ALED CARRICK Lantern£20.68
LIF4182ALED CARRICK Lantern with PIR£25.87
LIF4183ALED ARGYLL Half Wall Light£20.68
LIF4184ALED ARGYLL Half Wall Light with PIR£25.87
LIF4190AEpping Outside Wall Light£24.61
LIF4191AEpping PIR Outside Wall Light£26.37
LIF4192ASherwood LED Slim Bulk Head Light£16.76
LIF4193ACannock LED Slim Bulk Head Eyelid£16.76
LIF4194ADalby LED Outside Wall Light£9.98
LIF4195AWPLED30 Outdoor Wall Light£55.36
LIF4196AMicrowave Motion Sensor£18.05
LIF4202AKinver LED Floodlight£67.12
LIF4203ADenver Slim LED Floodlight£10.40
LIF4204ADenver Slim LED Floodlight£15.92
LIF4205ADenver Slim LED Floodlight£23.20
LIF4206ADenver Slim LED Floodlight£33.52
LIF4207ADenver Slim LED Floodlight£19.12
LIF4208ADenver Slim LED Floodlight£28.72
LIF4209ADenver Slim LED Floodlight£33.52
LIF4210ADenver Slim LED Floodlight£46.32
LIF4211ADenver Slim LED Floodlight£27.12
LIF4212ADenver Slim Ground Spike£2.40
LIF4213AMicrowave Remote Control£2.40
LIF4228AEmergency LED Downlight£21.68
LIF4229AEmergency LED Downlight£37.20
LIF4230AEmergency LED Bulkhead£14.32
LIF4231AEmergency LED Recessed Light£27.13
LIF4235AEmergency LED Twin Spot£30.16
LIF4237AHigh Frequency Emergency Gear Tray£45.36
LIF5059BKinver LED Floodlight£47.88
LFA001ABrindley Pendant LampFrom £211.68
LFA002ABrindley Pendant Accents LampFrom £211.68
LFA003ABrindley Pendant LampFrom £211.68
LFA004ABrindley Pendant LampFrom £211.68
LFA005AHarborne Pendant LampFrom £233.73
LFA006AHarborne Pendant Accents LampFrom £233.73
LFA007AHarborne Pendant LampFrom £233.73
LFA012AHockley Pendant LampFrom £229.32
LIF2036LED U/Shelf Angled LightFrom £11.12
LIF2038Mini-Circ, Recess Mounted HolderFrom £4.26
LIF2038A1Mini-Circ, Recess Mounted HolderFrom £4.26
LIF2038DMini-Circ Triangle DownlightFrom £5.76
LIF2038LMini-Circ Link BracketFrom £2.40
LIF3057AFluorescent Cabinet DownlightFrom £3.64
LIF3103AEnzo LED Slimline BricklightFrom £17.55
LIF3106ASpike Light, AdjustableFrom £16.80
LIF3137ALED Circular LampFrom £6.00
LIF4101ANARA LED Cabinet DownlightFrom £8.90
LIF4109AMini-Circ, Recess Mounted HolderFrom £4.26
LIF4160APicture LampFrom £34.07
LIF4161APicture LampFrom £58.66
LIF4174ASEINE Outdoor Light, LEDFrom £56.29
LIF4175ARENO Outdoor Light, LEDFrom £56.29
LIF4176AHUDSON Outdoor Light, LEDFrom £29.03
LIF4227ALED Linear Low Bay LightFrom £3.20
LIF4232AEmergency LED Wall MountedFrom £6.17
LIF4233AEmergency LED Recessed ExitFrom £12.61
LIF4234AEmergency LED Suspended Exit SignFrom £10.80
LIF5022ALED Ultra Slim StriplightFrom £7.20
LIF3101ALED Wall Light, Round£12.26
LIF3102ALED Wall Light, Square£12.26
LIF3111ADarwin LED Spike Light, Adjustable£30.86
LIF2036CLink Lead for LED£0.90
LIF5056ALED Wall Light £14.99
LIF5064ALED Utility Bulkhead Light £14.02
LIF5065ALED Oval Wall Light £16.88