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One of the biggest trends in 2017 - which looks set to continue throughout the coming months - is to design rooms in private properties and businesses with an “industrial” theme...
Open plan and sectioned living space is becoming increasingly popular, and sliding doors are a great way to help your clients achieve their desired mix of openness and fluidity whilst retaining privacy...
Whether you're working on a renovation or a construction site, it's always important to go in prepared...
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36565700Lid Stay, Automatic Opening £24.50
37200790Lid Stay Adaptor Set£1.17
37269-0001Swing Up Front Fitting End Cap£3.74
37366036Lid Stay Screw-On Bracket, Steel£0.50
37366700Duo Forte 3666 Lid Stay, Zinc Alloy£8.52
80506814Wardrobe Lid Stay, Brass £38.13
ST3523Lid Stay Integral Pair, White CapFrom £14.91
STS024ALid Stay £7.17
STS028ALid Stay, 80°, Right Handed £3.78
STS030ALid Stay £2.98
STS031ALid Stay £2.45
STS037AUltra Mini Lid Stay £4.10
STS038ALid Stay Mounting Bracket £2.58
STS039AMini Lid Stay £4.30
STS040AMini Lid Stay with Lock £5.86
STS041AMini Lid Stay with Lock £5.01
STS042ALow Profile Lid Stay £6.58
STS047ALid Stay £24.83
STS051AClean Lid Stay £23.33
STS054AMulti-Angle Door Stay £47.25
STS055AMulti-Angle Door Stay £38.22
37366500Duo Standard 3667 Lid Stay £5.81
37219100Blanket Box Lid StayFrom £1.78
STS022ALid StayFrom £2.58
STS023ALid StayFrom £2.82
STS025ALid Stay with CatchFrom £6.66
STS026ALid Stay with CatchFrom £4.08
STS027ALid Stay with CatchFrom £3.26
STS032ALid StayFrom £10.59
STS035ALid StayFrom £2.34
STS036ALid StayFrom £3.58
STS043ALid Stay, TitaniumFrom £116.74
STS046ALid StayFrom £15.71
STS059AMini Door Closer with DamperFrom £16.00
STS029ALid Stay, Top, Left HandedFrom £5.44
STS033ALid Stay, DownwardFrom £6.82
STS034ALid StayFrom £3.10
STS044ALid Stay, Heavy DutyFrom £52.21
STS045AMulti-Angle Lid Stay, Heavy DutyFrom £55.87
STS048ALid StayFrom £18.61
STS049ALid Stay, Spring LoadedFrom £17.92
STS050ALid Stay with LockFrom £15.63
STS056ALid Stay, Spring LoadedFrom £10.56
STS057ADoor HolderFrom £31.68
STS058ADoor HolderFrom £46.35
STS060AFoot StayFrom £9.46
STS062AShort Arm Soft-Down Stay From £185.60
37353130Cara Top Lid Stay, Plastic£1.40
37366614Duo Standard Flap/Lid Stay £7.43
37366660Duo3667and DuoForte3666 Lid StaysFrom £4.68
37369311Maxi 3675 Lid Stay, Zinc Alloy From £17.45
36531300Lid Stay£15.37
36531610Lid Stay 90°, SteelFrom £14.63
36565711Drop Down Flap StayFrom £20.96
36637706Lid Stay with Catch, SteelFrom £1.77
36640767Lid Stay with Guide Slot, SteelFrom £2.42
37132700Lid Stay, SteelFrom £3.33
37200701Automatic Opening Lid StayFrom £18.36
37200704Automatic Opening Lid StayFrom £18.02
37200707Automatic Opening Lid StayFrom £24.40
37217253Fall-Ex Lid Stay, SteelFrom £21.94
37235813Safety Chain with Mounting PlatesFrom £0.17
37358704Firmatop Lid Stay with SpringFrom £2.86
37366262Lid Stay Duo Standard Complete SetFrom £13.22
37366611Duo Standard Flap/Lid StayFrom £6.99
37366631Duo Forte Flap/Lid StayFrom £9.70
37366681Screw-On Bracket, SteelFrom £0.39
37366693Duo3667-DuoForte3666 Mount BracketFrom £0.61
37370611Arretop Lid Stay, SteelFrom £4.03
37373701Lid Stay with Catch, Steel/PlasticFrom £2.10
37377330Kinvaro T-105 Flap FittingFrom £10.72
97300662Telescopic Friction Stay, BrassFrom £84.26

We offer several lid stays for various furniture units. Some or made for heavy duty purposes, others are more for light loads. We offer several different kind of stays that often run on soft closing mechanisms, catches and plenty more. Navigate through our list of stock above to find the product perfect for you.