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LIF1928BLow Voltage Bulb OnlyFrom £0.56
LIF5088ACOB LED Candle LampFrom £5.44
LIF1834BHigh Power LED Chip LampFrom £9.20
LIF1834DGU10 LED Light BulbFrom £12.78
LIF1834HGU10 LED Light BulbFrom £8.40
LIF1928Low Voltage Bulb OnlyFrom £0.56
LIF1937HSlimlite Bulb OnlyFrom £3.78
LIF3122AHigh Power Retro Fit LED LampFrom £7.20
LIF3124AHigh Output Retro Fit 5050 LED LampFrom £4.96
LIF3128AG4 Cluster LED LampFrom £3.60
LIF3129AHigh Power LED Hilux Chip LampFrom £12.00
LIF3131AColour Changing LED LampFrom £6.32
LIF3133ALED 21 Cluster LampFrom £3.36
LIF3139AHalogen LampFrom £0.66
LIF3140ALampFrom £1.01
LIF3141AFluorescent TubeFrom £1.66
LIF4130AGU10 5W Glass COB ReflectorFrom £2.08
LIF4131AGU10 5W SMD LED BulbFrom £1.58
LIF4132AGU10 5W SMD LED DimmableFrom £1.58
LIF4134AFly LeadFrom £0.72
LIF4135AG4 LED LampFrom £3.12
LIF4141ALED Candle FilamentFrom £2.16
LIF4142ALED GLS FilamentFrom £3.36
LIF5031ELED Lamp, GX53From £7.63
LIF5080ACOB LED LampFrom £3.04
LIF5081ACOB LED LampFrom £3.28
LIF5082ACOB LED LampFrom £3.44
LIF5083A5050 LED Lamp, High OutputFrom £4.72
LIF5087ALED GLS10 LampFrom £1.76
LIF5094ALED Candle LampFrom £2.16
LIF1834ALED Cool Beam Reflector Lamp£3.46
83312802GU10 SMD LED Lamp, Non-Dimmable £5.53
83312803GU10 COD LED Lamp, Non-Dimmable £7.92
83312804GU10 COD LED Lamp, Non-Dimmable £4.27
83312805GU10 SMD LED Lamp, Non-Dimmable £5.42
83312806GU10 SMD LED Lamp, Dimmable £6.38
LIF4133ALED Lamp £12.72
LIF4136AG9 LED Lamp£2.40
LIF4137AG9 Dimmable Lamp £4.40
LIF4138AVintage LED Globe Filament Lamp £7.92
LIF4139AVintage LED Squirrel Filament Lamp £6.32
LIF4140AVintage LED Tubular Filament Lamp £6.00
LIF4143ALED Golf Ball Lamp £2.80
LIF5093ALED Lamp and IR Remote £12.72
LIF1834GGU10 Light Bulb, Dichroic Lamp £1.38
LIF1917Spare Pygmy Bulb, 25w£0.56
LIF3126AHigh Power LED Chip Lamp£5.60
LIF3127BHigh Power LED Chip Lamp £7.92
LIF5084BMR16 LED Lamp, High Power £8.80

It don't matter if you are searching for something low voltage, or high voltage, within our large collection of light bulbs you will find a type to fit most lighting needs.