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Every kitchen needs cabinets, but not every cabinet opens as effectively as we would like; perhaps there’s a cupboard which opens the wrong way, a door which swings shut when you want it to stay open, or that one corner unit that houses all the junk that no-one needs because it’s impossible to get into to...
  There are few things more aggravating than the constant slamming of cabinets and doors, but your home shouldn’t be a stressful atmosphere...
For a room that screams peaceful atmosphere, almost everyone will look towards perfecting their bedroom, whilst some will think of their study and a lucky few will think of a personal library...
Hart Wholesale | Lights | LED Lights | LED Loox | Loox 12V System

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At the heart of the simple plug-and-play Loox system is the innovative driver, suitable for connecting to the most popular power systems worldwide. It includes an integrated switching function and connections for the most popular type of switch.

  • Loox allows LED lights to be fitted into your furniture designs during the manufacturing process, irrelevant of product destination as the unique Loox drivers are suitable for the different voltages and frequencies worldwide.
  • Constant voltage for 12V and 24V systems, and constant current for 350mA, with easy to install colour coded systems.
  • The driver range has been developed to include a 0-60W driver for 12V and a 0-75W driver for 24V which doubles the capacity allowing you to run twice as many lights off the same driver – Available from September 2013.
  • A 0-20W driver has been developed for both 12V and 24V which is slimmer in design than the standard driver allowing installation behind kitchen wall units – Available from September 2013.
83373205Loox 12V 2002 DownlightFrom £4.50
83373344Loox 12V LED 2013 Flex Strip LightFrom £66.15
83374150Loox 12V LED 2035 Reading LightFrom £15.11
83374712Loox 12V Interconnecting LeadFrom £2.32
83390131Loox 12V FLEXYLED SE H4 Strip LightFrom £49.60
83372142Loox 12V LED 2040 Downlight£4.31
83301131Loox 12V LED YORK Downlight£54.15
83302612Loox 12V LED Flexible Strip Light£19.70
83372132Loox 12V Downlight£8.44
83064854Loox 12V LED HE Square DownlightFrom £18.32
83068790Loox 12V FLEXYLED 1076 Strip LightFrom £11.80
83068796Loox 12V FLEXYLED 1076 Corner LightFrom £6.48
83069612Loox 12V FLEXYLED 1076 LeadFrom £1.39
83300390Loox 12V LED HE Round SpotlightFrom £15.13
83300392Loox 12V LED HE Square SpotlightFrom £15.67
83301350Loox 12V LED SKATE DownlightFrom £40.27
83301621Loox 12V MURANO Angled Glass LightFrom £113.18
83301650Loox 12V LED Rectangle Wedge LightFrom £6.70
83301660Loox 12V LED Triangular Wedge LightFrom £6.38
83301670Loox 12V Recessed DownlightFrom £5.93
83302241Loox 12V LED Strip LightFrom £24.89
83302640Loox 12V LED LOOP Bathroom LightFrom £34.87
83302650Loox 12V LED PULSE Bathroom LightFrom £34.87
83302790FLEXYLED TOUCAN Housing ProfileFrom £5.28
83302800FLEXYLED STRING Housing ProfileFrom £4.30
83319951Loox 12V LED DETROIT Strip LightFrom £68.87
83331020Loox 12V LED METRIS DownlightFrom £16.86
83332000Loox METRIS Round BezelFrom £3.24
83332001Loox METRIS Angled BezelFrom £4.11
83338110Loox 12V LED TITAN DownlightFrom £29.99
83361940Loox 12V LED PERTH Strip LightFrom £90.78
83361950Loox 12V LED DERBY Strip LightFrom £59.38
83364870Loox 12V LED HE Matrix SpotlightFrom £23.32
83371330Loox 12V LED 2026 DownlightFrom £31.59
83371332Loox 12V LED 2043 Flexible LightFrom £42.47
83371335Loox 12V RGB Strip LightFrom £105.59
83371397Loox 12V LED 2034 USB Reading LightFrom £39.03
83372040Loox 12V LED 2022 Downlight IP44From £4.98
83372050Loox 12V LED 2027 DownlightFrom £7.62
83372060Loox 12V LED 2023 DownlightFrom £4.98
83372080Loox 12V LED 2036 Profile LightFrom £17.16
83372091Loox 12V LED 2039 Downlight IP65From £10.67
83372124Loox 2025/2026 Surface BezelFrom £0.70
83372126Loox 2025/2026 Recess BezelFrom £0.75
83372143Loox 2040 Surface BezelFrom £0.22
83372145Loox 2040 Recess BezelFrom £0.64
83372280Loox 12V LED 2020 DownlightFrom £9.73
83372800Loox 2020 Surface BezelFrom £1.08
83372830Loox 2022 Round BezelFrom £1.09
83372832Loox 2022 Wedge BezelFrom £0.62
83373030Loox 12V LED 2024 Rigid Strip LightFrom £6.15
83373110Loox 12V LED 2028 Sensor LightFrom £11.71
83373452Loox 12V LED 2016 RGB Strip LightFrom £188.07
83373480Loox 12V LED 2030 Silicone LightFrom £79.31
83373510Loox 12V LED 2037 Flexible LightFrom £80.12
83373700Loox 12V LED 2024 Connecting Lead£3.02
83373702Loox 12V LED 2024 Interconnect LeadFrom £1.15
83373706Loox 12V LED 2024 Corner ConnectorFrom £1.49
83374070Loox 12V LED 2032 Cornice LightFrom £14.03
83374100Loox 12V LED 2018 Reading LightFrom £20.01
83374120Loox 12V LED 2019 Glass Edge LightFrom £3.06
83374710Loox 12V LED 2012 RGB LeadFrom £2.06
83374760Loox 12V LED 2014/2016 ConnectorsFrom £0.92
83374766Loox 12V LED 2014/2016 LeadFrom £1.56
83374913Loox 12V LED Driver, Constant£30.04
83374941Loox 12V LED Driver, Constant£10.50
83373100Loox 12V RGB Down Light £18.14
83374741Loox 12V LED 9-Way RGB Distributor£3.09
83301210Loox 12V Slimline Down Light £13.12
83302190Loox 12V Slimline Over Light £13.50
83374764LED 2014/2016 Connecting Lead £1.89
83069602Loox 12V FLEXYLED 1076 Lead £3.75
83373730Loox 12V LED 2030 Clip Connector £0.40
83373731Loox 12V LED Clip Connector £0.32
83373733Loox 12V LED Corner Connector £0.57
83373736Loox 12V LED 2030 Corner Connector £1.11
83374708Loox 12V RGB Remote Control £22.15
83374802Loox 12V RGB Colour Mixer £23.29
83374160Loox 12V LED 2033 Cornice Light £14.63
82265000Loox 12V Sound System 105 £54.91
83302716Loox 12V LED Flexible Strip Lead £1.64
83373492Loox 12V LED 2029 Flexible Light £89.75