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At the heart of the simple plug-and-play Loox system is the innovative driver, suitable for connecting to the most popular power systems worldwide. It includes an integrated switching function and connections for the most popular type of switch.

  • Loox allows LED lights to be fitted into your furniture designs during the manufacturing process, irrelevant of product destination as the unique Loox drivers are suitable for the different voltages and frequencies worldwide.
  • Constant voltage for 12V and 24V systems, and constant current for 350mA, with easy to install colour coded systems.
  • The driver range has been developed to include a 0-60W driver for 12V and a 0-75W driver for 24V which doubles the capacity allowing you to run twice as many lights off the same driver – Available from September 2013.
  • A 0-20W driver has been developed for both 12V and 24V which is slimmer in design than the standard driver allowing installation behind kitchen wall units – Available from September 2013.
83380000Loox 350mA LED 4011 Post LightFrom £22.52
83306250Loox 350mA LED NET Spotlight, IP44From £18.11
83379070Loox 350mA LED 4015 Eye SpotlightFrom £7.76
83306260Loox 350mA SLIDE Spotlight £22.45
83307060Loox 350mA EVOSLIDE Bezel £15.26
83307070Loox 350mA CUBIK Bezel £9.97
83306340Loox 350mA LED CORE Ceiling Light £24.11
83306350Loox 350mA LED K-3 Ceiling Light £31.16
83306360Loox 350mA LED L-3 Ceiling Light £33.87
83308350Loox 350mA LED K-2 Cornice Light £53.65
83337260Loox 350mA LED TEKA2 Post Light £93.76
83380710Loox LED 4009 Round Bezel £1.10
83380711Loox LED 4009 Triangular Bezel £2.27
83378000Loox 350mA LED 4006 DownlightFrom £15.32
83308060Loox 350A LED HAVSU Bathroom Light £21.86
83064812Loox 350mA JAVA Round Ceiling LightFrom £58.70
83306240Loox 350mA LED PIXEL Spotlight,IP44From £30.40
83307040Loox 350mA LED PIXEL Spotlight,IP44From £32.67
83378040Loox 350mA LED 4003 DownlightFrom £16.88
83378060Loox 350mA LED 4014 SpotlightFrom £10.95
83378080Loox 350mA LED 4004 DownlightFrom £17.56
83378090Loox 350mA LED4012 Swivel SpotlightFrom £17.95
83378021Loox 350mA LED 4007 Downlight £15.68
83378100Loox 350mA LED 4005 SpotlightFrom £18.14
83378140Loox 350mA LED 4009 DownlightFrom £12.34
83379060Loox 350mA LED 4013 Spotlight, 30°From £11.71
83380010Loox 350mA LED 4010 Stack LightFrom £8.46
83380704Loox 350mA LED Extension LeadFrom £0.82
83380900Loox 350mA LED Driver, ConstantFrom £14.83