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Loox offers a range of accessories enabling you to customise the system to meet with your own requirements including battery operated lights, mounting profiles, a range of switches and power leads to suit the most popular power systems worldwide.

  • Leads & Distributors: Including 3-way distributor to operate lights separately, 6-way distributor for connecting additional lights to one driver and extension leads for LED lights.
  • Multi-switch Box & Leads: Allows 1 LED driver to be operated by up-to 3 switches and switched on/off from different points.
  • Multi-driver Box: The Multi-driver box allows up to 3 LED drivers to be controlled with one switch, ideal when different rooms are involved. 
  • Convertor: The convertor allows 350mA lights to be used in combination with 12V lights and driver.
  • Switches: A range of switches are available including touch free, door and motion sensors, dimmer, push switches and surface mounted housings for switches. 
  • Aluminium Profiles: Available for flexible strip lights, these suit wardrobes, surface mounted, corner mounted and recess mounted applications.
  • Power Leads & Cable Channel: Including the most popular plugs for power systems worldwide and cable channel tidy for furniture and cabinets.
83377796Loox LED 3011 Connecting Lead£2.04
83377797Loox LED 3017 Connecting Lead£2.46
83380912Loox Converter 350mA to 12V£7.98
83389061Loox Multi Driver Box£7.81
83389090LED Loox Switch Housing, Plastic£0.70
83374757Loox LED 2015 Clip Connector £0.33
83374947Loox Converter 12V-24V £6.06
83377762Loox 24V LED Corner Connector £0.49
83377934Loox Converter 24V-12V £6.96
83389067Loox Extension Lead for Switches £2.50
83389092Loox Housing for Switch, Plastic £0.60
83389106Loox Rocker Switch £2.57
83377784Loox 24V Basic Radio Receiver £18.40
83377785Loox 24V Premium Radio Receiver £24.61
83380720Loox 350mA Bridge Connector£0.15
83374754Loox LED 2015 Interconnecting LeadFrom £0.95
83389048Loox Housing for Switch£0.69
83377761Loox 24V LED 3028 Clip Connector £0.29
83389116Loox 12V Motion Detector Switch £8.09