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82022750Door Contact Switch, Plastic£13.62
82102500Shaver Isolating Transformer, 20VA£28.09
82103700Shaver Socket, Plastic £29.69
82521010Replacement Halogen Connector 12V£0.23
82629700Distributor for 240V lights,Plastic£9.17
826297106 Way Distrbutor, Plastic£8.88
LIF1910ASpare Fluorescent TubeFrom £1.66
LIF1910BSpare Fluorescent TubeFrom £1.66
LIF1926Recessed Spotlight, 240V/10W£10.06
LIF1931CBS Thermal Cut Out LightFrom £18.50
LIF1937ASlimlite BulbFrom £13.04
LIF1937DSlimlite Link Connector XLK£1.66
LIF1937FSlimlite Mains Connector SL43£2.58
LIF1938Slimlite MagicFrom £42.54
LIF1942Las Vegas Over-Cabinet Luminaire£54.56
LIF1946Miami Light Fitting£52.59
LIF1948XL SlimliteFrom £30.40
LIF1948DXL Mains Lead£3.92
LIF1948EXL Connector LeadFrom £1.36
LIF1948NXL Slimlite PexiglassFrom £2.03
LIF1961Boston Aluminium£41.14
LIF1961RBoston R Aluminium, 14w£62.00
LIF1986SlimLite CS Dimmable Strip Light£65.70
LIF1986ASlimLite CS Casing, HE£58.22
LIF1986BFluorescent T5 HE 28W/840£3.63
LIF1986CSlimLite CS Plexiglass Cover£3.84
LIF1986DSlimLite CS Conecting Coupling£2.66
LIF19904Mains Lead£2.05
LIF3093AStudio Ceiling Downlight, Single£9.43
LIF3094AStudio Ceiling Downlight, Twin£18.05
LIF3095AStudio Ceiling Downlight, Triple£26.58
LIF3096AStudio Ceiling Downlight, Quad£35.83
LIF1948KXL Slimlite Bulb OnlyFrom £2.69
LIF1939Trento Light FittingFrom £27.71
LIF1936RHalogen Bulb, 20w £1.75
LIF1900AFluorescent Strip LightFrom £10.00
LIF1983AVenice Triangle Halogen Downlight £6.18
LIF1983BVenice Round Halogen Downlight £6.18
53267717Fluorescent Strip Light, MetalFrom £18.90
82611701Fluorescent Strip Light, PlasticFrom £34.98
LIF1983Venice Square Halogen Downlight£6.18
82053914Replacement Fluorescent TubeFrom £5.39
82723721T4 Mini Fluorescent Strip LightFrom £7.96
82723791T4 Replacement Fluorescent TubeFrom £1.09
LIF3087AT5 Ultraslim FluorescentFrom £5.86
LIF3088AT5 Ultraslim AccessoriesFrom £0.82
LIF3090ADeluxe Diecast Ceiling DownlightFrom £2.81
LIF3092ADeluxe Diecast Shower DownlightFrom £4.45
LIF4111AMajor LED Shelf LightFrom £45.76
LIF4128AALPHA LED PanelFrom £12.38
LIF4129APOLARIS LED Panel with DriverFrom £12.38
LIF5034ALED Shelf Clip Light, 12V/1.5WFrom £10.60
LIF1911Strip Light with Bulb, Switch, Wire£6.40
LIF2038M1Mini-Circ Link Bracket £0.98
LIF3091EDeluxe Diecast Ceiling DownlightFrom £3.90
82048711T5 Replacement Mini Fluoresent TubeFrom £1.23
82054382Mains Lead, PlasticFrom £3.64
82054760Interconnecting Lead, PlasticFrom £4.12
82724701Interconnecting Lead, PlasticFrom £0.60
82104201Hinged Cover for Shaver Socket From £3.62
82022110Built in Switch Unit, 2A/240V ACFrom £5.77
82043790Mains Plug, 3 Pin, Plastic/SteelFrom £1.55
82054742Extension Lead, Plastic £2.82
82937802FLATLITE Electroluminescent Strip £88.65
82050726Fluorescent Strip Light, PlasticFrom £57.82
82573720Remote Sender/Receiver Set£107.65
82629741T2 Extension Lead, PlasticFrom £2.60
82672090Replacement Fluorescent Bulb£9.13
82048702T5 Mini Fluorescent Strip LightFrom £8.94