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One of the biggest trends in 2017 - which looks set to continue throughout the coming months - is to design rooms in private properties and businesses with an “industrial” theme...
Open plan and sectioned living space is becoming increasingly popular, and sliding doors are a great way to help your clients achieve their desired mix of openness and fluidity whilst retaining privacy...
Whether you're working on a renovation or a construction site, it's always important to go in prepared...

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00127202Minifix GV Precision Drilling Jig£215.83
00127211Minifix GV Precision Marking Gauge£50.29
00636911Tightening Key£8.03
03933033M4 Glue in Sleeve£2.61
26228286Minifix 15 Double-ended Bolt£26.40
26228642Minifix 15 Connecting Bolt£6.30
26228786Minifix 15 Double-ended Bolt£24.41
KD1715MINIFIX 15 CompleteFrom £6.40
KD1716Push in Screw Caps for Minifix 15£0.32
26226133Minifix 15 Housing, Without Rim £6.32
26226533Minifix 15 Housing, Without Rim £8.56
26228035Minifix S100 Connecting Bolt £0.09
26227118Minifix 15 Double-ended Bolt £17.10
26228690Minifix S200 Connecting Bolt £3.17
26221929Minifix 10 Connecting Bolt, Steel£3.48
26226042Minifix 16 Housing, Without Rim £4.51
26215412Minifix 15 Housing, PolycarbonateFrom £3.03
26227611Minifix Industry Connecting Bolt£3.70
26227805Minifix 15 Double-ended Bolt£22.93
26225570Minifix 15 Housing, Zinc alloy £8.40
26226043Minifix 15 Housing, Zinc Alloy£6.18
26226072Minifix 15 Housing Without Rim £4.18
26226270Minifix 15 Housing Without Rim £7.50
26226270Minifix 15 Housing Without Rim£8.38
26209311Minifix Spreading Bolt£8.94
00125020Unitool Drilling Jig InsertFrom £18.92
00125022Unitool Drilling Jig InsertFrom £18.90
02092711M4 End ScrewsFrom £1.64
26209202Minifix Spreading Bolt, Zinc AlloyFrom £5.33
26217020Minifix 12 Housing, Zinc alloyFrom £4.44
26218020Minifix 12 Housing, Zinc alloyFrom £4.80
26224055Minifix 15 Plastic Trim CapFrom £1.29
26224064Minifix 15 Plastic Trim CapFrom £1.29
26225081Minifix 15 Housing With RimFrom £13.06
26226031Minifix 15 Housing, Without RimFrom £6.81
26226032Minifix 15 Housing, Without RimFrom £4.12
26226033Minifix 15 Housing, Without RimFrom £3.62
26226035Minifix 15 Housing, Without RimFrom £7.23
26226070Minifix 15 Housing, Zinc alloyFrom £7.12
26227020Minifix 15 Connecting BoltFrom £6.04
26227047Minifix 15 Connecting BoltFrom £6.43
26227462Minifix S300 Connecting BoltFrom £4.70
26227471Minifix S300 Connecting BoltFrom £4.91
26227627Minifix 15 Connecting BoltFrom £4.84
26227670Minifix S200 Connecting BoltFrom £4.70
26227755Minifix 15 Capped BoltFrom £16.93
26227814Minifix 15 Double-ended BoltFrom £23.71
26227912Minifix 15 Connecting BoltFrom £5.91
26226034Minifix 15 Housing, Without RimFrom £4.53

A range of Minifix fittings for every pupose and project. Our stock includes wholesale bolts, connectors, housing, tightening keys, jigs caps and much more.