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29106501Mirror PlateFrom £18.57
29106511Keyhole Mirror PlateFrom £18.43
29107001Mirror Edge Clip£4.69
29106500Mirror Plate£18.32
29106510Keyhole Mirror Plate£18.32
MF2006GNGlass Plate, Slotted HoleFrom £5.28
MF2006BPlateFrom £0.04
29109402Mirror Clip, Oval£7.44
29121015Mirror Clip, Cracked£0.20
29201710Mirror Clip, Round£32.48
29350025Mirror Clip Set£4.52
MF2004Mirror Clip SlideFrom £16.32
MF2005Mirror Clip£2.40
MF2006ARound Glass Plates, Plain Hole£5.04
MF2006ESlotted Hole Glass PlateFrom £0.03
MF2007Mirror PlateFrom £0.08
MF903Mirror Clip with Rubber Pad£0.18
MF904Mirror Clip with Rubber Pad£0.20

Listed in the grid above is a list of all our mirror clips. You will find plenty of variety in types, shapes, and material suitable for almost any mirror maintainence work.

We stock edge clips, screw and disc sets, slotted hole plates,  and much more. If you want to find out more about any of the products listed here, contact us today.