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Hart Wholesale | Door Handles | Miscellaneous

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90900907Lever Handle Pitts SpindleFrom £0.65
90946025StarTec Piercing SpindleFrom £0.75
90946106Door Half SpindleFrom £4.46
90977560FSB Stabil Half SpindleFrom £6.08
91139357Lever Handle Pitts SpindleFrom £2.51
91178400Sywell Door PackFrom £7.65
91178401Sywell Door PackFrom £8.93
91178403Sywell Door PackFrom £12.53
95802023Victorian Door Set, BrassFrom £2.06
95802026Scroll Door Set, BrassFrom £7.23
DFC472AEurospec SWL Rose PackFrom £5.60
HAC341Back-To-Back Handle Fixing SetFrom £3.60
00135030Door Handle Jig, Plastic£5.08
90900958Standard Piercing Grub Screw£0.75
90900959Lever Handle Taylors Spindle£7.98
90900960Lever Fixed Dead Mount with Spindle£12.40
90900961Lever Handle Fixed Dead Mount£6.16
90940600Lever Handle Spindle Converter£2.33
90946060Fixed Spindle for Rose Set£5.69
90946090StarTec Piercing Grub Screw£1.12
90946126M4 Bolt and Sleeve, Steel/Brass£1.37
90983711Lever Handle Split Spindle£6.13
90990540FSB Piercing Grub Screw£0.29
90940500Door Spindle Converter£0.30
73208112Foamex Handle Board £25.20
90900875Lever Handle Additional Fittings £0.59
95802040Plain Victorian Lever Handle Set £6.06
95802041Plain Victorian Lever Handle Set £22.24
95802042Plain Victorian Lever Handle Set £10.39
95802043Scroll Handle Door Set £6.35
95802044Scroll Handle Door Set £22.53
95802045Scroll Handle Door Set £10.67
DFZ060AZAS Taylor Spindle £0.90
90994910Slotted Spindle £5.13
90250000FSB1021 Lever Handle, Unsprung £36.94
DHF278APorcelain Replacement Rose From £1.41
DFF386ADummy Spindle From £1.62
DFF387AChine Mortice Knob Spindle £2.21
DFF388A2 Piece Spindle for Split Followers £1.22
DFF388BSplit Spindle £1.22
DFF389APlain Spindle From £1.10
DFF390AHeso Spindle From £1.62
DFF391APlain Spindle £0.47
DFF392AGrub Screw From £0.35
DFF393A5-8mm Adaptor From £0.40
DFF394ATurn & Release for Bathroom Lever From £2.91
DH583ABack to Back Fixings for Lever Rose From £0.92

This is our page full of door handle accessories and fixings such as spindles, bolts, jigs, piercing grub screws, and much more. These products are ideal replacement and repair parts which will save users from splashing out on a whole new handle installation.